The conception of religion. Vetis' spiritual journey epilogue

I do apologize for not keeping up with thee I have been busy. If you are cocnerned with this being my last entry in this series fear not, I intent many others. If ever this series were to be organized into a book, as tomlet suggests, these would be my closing remarks however. Everything else I add should occur before this but I felt inspired to write this portion now. This portion is not so personal as I have been, as I am not pleased with the response I am getting in exposing myself that way.

I maintain the idea of an interferring diety is so improbable within the universe I perceive myself to be in that I find it utter nonsense. The idea of an originator god is unlikely enough that I don't care to consider it one way or another. Unlike most with such an opinion I do not have an overwhelming hardon for science. I certainly respect the knowledge we've attained and find the natural processes of this world interestring but I have not traded one fanaticism for the other. Atheists and theists alike are possesed of the notion of the profound specialness of humanity. One because they think humans of a special creation and the other because they find humans to be set apart by our awareness, language and reasoning. Humans should know more be thought special for thier language and awareness then birds should feel special for thier flight. Awareness and langauge are the traits unique to our species, and they establish us as diferent but in my eyes of no more value then any other species. We are sucessful because we are diferent, but it came about by accident just as flight in birds was an aciident of sucess and elimination. Am I impressed with the natural world? Yes, very much. But this world and even existence is just the result fortuitous events, all of them improbable. The improbablility of it makes it seem as if it must be special, or divine, but imporbable is far from impossible though we cannot imagine them being any diferent from the persepctive of our transient lives. We are all flaoting along, never making a great big splash. Existence might as well be an illusion for all we can effect it. If I teach nothing else by my overstated methaphores, rememebr at least this: Life is not a destination and in fact there never are any destinations, just journeys. Death is the only destination there will ever be. If you lose track of the journey you are on then you are just running toward oblivion. You will never reach anything else I can promise you this. Never look ahead so much that you forget what is beside you, and stop running.

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