The Creation of Adam: Pt. II

I feel and see a strong muscular fore arm pulling my soul up into the ceiling. The surroundings in my mind finally begin to settle. I was standing next to Adam in the greenest field I had seen. I could feel the energy of all my friends and family here. 

Colorful plants and even ones with strong odors filled my senses. Animals of all sorts and even ones I could not identify were among us. I felt nothing but absolute love for those moments. A bigger than normal, all white lion/feline of some sort came walking up in the distance. It had a big thick mane, big paws and stood about my height at it's shoulder. 

The feline stops about ten feet in front of us and stares. "We've been waiting for you", the lion somehow telepathically tells me. I've never had this feeling and I began to panic a little. "It's ok Cheech, I will not harm you", lion says to me. Without knowing how exactly to communicate the lion says, "Don't worry, I can only hear the thoughts you want me to hear. Follow us, I must show you something", the lions voice says in my head. I felt in no immediate danger with this large feline. 

We begin to walk with this ominous cat side by side off into the sunset. "I see you met met my friend Vadomo, the weathered shape-shifting man at Trevi. Nothing in life is a coincidence Cheech, and that is something you need to understand. Adam and you were brought here for a special reason". He was walking us toward a large tree. 


The sad voice somehow distracts me, temporarily causing scenes to shift. It was just me and Adam hanging out in the garden. It was getting dark and I felt like we were walking in circles. We kept walking towards the massive willow tree. This tree looked sacred and like a good place to take refuge under. As we take a seat, leaves fall all around us. I try and gather my thoughts for a second. For some reason I am still sweating. I can feel the tree start to move a little. I stand up and take a step back to see what is rattling the tree. 

I can't believe my mind. In the tree there is this giant amphibian slithering his way down. This reptile/lizard was enormous, and for a second I thought I had been blasted back into the Jurrasic Period. I feel a presence other than my own in my head. With a permanent menacing grin the lizard looks over at me and says to my brain without moving his lips, "Why are you here mortal? Who allowed you entrance?" It's question hits me hard. I couldn't fathom why I was here or what caused me to be in this dimension. 

The giant lizard makes his way down the tree. He was pitch black with his underside a dark tint of red. His eyes were dark and had an ice cold hypnotizing feel to them. I felt uneasy so I tried not looking directly into his eyes. The ground shook when he finally had all fours down. His long scaly tale seemed to be curled up and holding a golden shiny artifact. He notices my interest and unwraps his tail, bringing it close to my face. "Go ahead try it. Eat this fruit and I'll tell you all the mysteries to life",the dark voice whispered in my head.

I take a step back in horror. I politely refuse his offer, having a feeling that I had had heard a similar story before. His tail ravels back up and his eyes seem to glimmer. "You must follow me, we have something to show you", he says. I start to feel déjà-vu as if I had already done this before. He then starts to lead us away from the tree towards a large hill in the distance.

A little dazed and confused I asked the demon lizard why we were here. "That is something you must figure out on your own", lizard manages to say. We were now walking up the hill and I could feel the ground getting warmer. I could hear a low moan in the distance. We had now reached the top of the hill. At the center of the hill there was an eerie gate like structure. Getting closer now I could definitely feel the heat as if it were mid summer in Arizona. The smell of burning flesh was unbearable. "You are now at the Gates of Hell", the lizard says with a deep evil laugh that followed. 

We stopped right in front of the gates. "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here", were the words inscribed on the arches of the gate. The moaning now got louder and I could hear painful screams and pleads coming from inside the gates. The reptile looks us both in the face. "Are you ready?", he telepathically asks us before charging through the gates. He broke the gates and there was a big white explosion that followed.

This light was blinding and messed with my senses. The ground beneath us seemed to come apart. Adam and I  began to fall through the ground. I've been skydiving a couple of times and I somewhat know how to control my body in free fall. My attempts to level out only seemed to throw me in an opposite direction. I was falling through windows of time and space. 

We were now in a dimension that had no ending. In every direction there was the color white, or the absence of any tint or shade. Adam was next to me and had the same puzzled look I had. People by the hundreds began to appear out of thin air. They were all strangers and were not clothed. They all seemed to be walking around aimlessly. The horde of strangers all seemed unaware of each other, only trying to find a way out for themselves. We were literally standing in the middle of nowhere, with more people arriving by the minute.  

I look off into the horizon and see a disturbance in the sheeple. Something in the distance catches my eye.  A hooded figure was pushing through the crowds and coming our way. I could see the shape getting closer. It was wearing a pitch black robe and had a hood that covered his face. He kept advancing and even pushed passed where me and Adam were standing. He takes five steps ahead of us and comes to a complete stop. With his back turned to us he tells me this, "I am Tak, keeper of all souls on this realm. You two were brought here to see the light, the truth. Something these souls failed to experience on their journey in life". "Where are we right now?" I asked the figure. "You are everywhere, you are limbo, you are in Purgatorio", said the hooded man. He turns around to face us with his head in a bowing position. I could not see his hands nor his feet. I could only see darkness where his face should have been.

"These people are damned to roam Purgatorio until they see the light. Their whole lives have revolved around sin and they did not repent. They only tried justifying their actions", Tak says to us. "Well how do I see this light you speak of?" I ask. 

He steps a little closer so we could hear him better. Tak calmly responds,  "Cheech. Adam. You are 

children of God, small games do not work in this world. For those around us to feel peace, it is not an example to make ourselves small. You were born to express the glory of marijuana and hope that lives in us. It is not in some of us, it is in all of us. While we allow our light to shine, we unconsciously give permission for others to do the same. When we liberate ourselves from our own fears, simply our presence may liberate others. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond imagination. It is our light more than our darkness which scares us. We ask ourselves, who are we to be brilliant, beautiful, talented, and awe inspiring. But honestly, who are you to not be so?" He takes another step in my direction and places his hand on my shoulder. "Do you understand now Cheech?"

I feel something touch my shoulder on my physical body. I try to ignore it but it only gets stronger. I feel my soul rushing back to my body. It felt like I was free falling again only a lot faster. As I regained conscious with my body I opened my eyes. These old white wrinkly hands where shaking my shoulder. "Signore stai bene, stai bene?" a voice asks me. I follow the hand and make out an old man in a lavish white robe. I look all around and it's just me and Adam sitting on the floor in the Sistine Chapel. 

Everybody has left and this man is still looking at me in bewilderment. He was genuinely worried about us and I could tell from his face. He than blesses himself with the pattern of the cross and does the same for me. He gives us both a hand and says, "Venuto. Devo mostrargli qualcosa". I couldn't quite recall much after I was back in my body. I stood to my feet and watched this man. Not knowing whether this was real life or not, we followed the Pope out of the Chapel.

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