The Croak: Eastside_Dave


Frogbob: So, how did you hear about ebaums?
Eastside_Dave: I was 15 or 16 and grounded on new years when I came across it and never left since. True story bro.

Frogbob: What did you get grounded for?
Eastside_Dave: Stealing my moms car.

Frogbob: ohhhh shit lol
Eastside_Dave: Right! I was busted as soon as I took it.

Frogbob: And you had no license huh?
Eastside_Dave: Nope.

Frogbob: What's the most epic thing youve done on here?
Eastside_Dave: I gotta say 12,500+ thumbs up on a comment.

Frogbob: Any stories about stalkers e fights etc?
Eastside_Dave: None that I can talk about.

Frogbob: So what kind of stuff do you do when you're not on ebaums?
Eastside_Dave: I'm a professional mover and master carpenter when not on here. Other than that I enjoy smoking top grade pot, boating, guns, loud speakers and family and friends.

Frogbob: Any pets?
Eastside_Dave: I have two emperor scorpions and three dumbass cats. Lol


Frogbob: xbox or play station
Eastside_Dave: xbox for sure.

Frogbob: Do you have any uploads you wish wouldve been featured?
Eastside_Dave: Full Metal Star Wars.

Frogbob: What's your dream ride?
Eastside_Dave: 68 GTO.

Frogbob: fave brand of shoes?
Eastside_Dave: Jordans and Im a timberland boot guy.. lol

Frogbob: famous or infamous?
Eastside_Dave: Ill leave that question unanswered. For

Thanks to Eastside_Dave for the great interview, and thanks again for the banner! More epic ones coming this way!
Uploaded 06/05/2011
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