The Croak: Nyyank257 and Tomlet double feature


The king of the blog section. Although people disagree with him from time to time, no one can disagree the blog section wouldnt be the same without him. He's known for his blogs on politics, religion and science.

Frogbob: How did you hear about ebaumsworld?
tomlet: My IB Physics students in Texas.

Frogbob: How long have you been a member of the site?
tomlet: 2007, used it for a year or so before that.

Frogbob: what made you decide to make an account?
tomlet: Blogging.

Frogbob: what do you like most about the blog section?
tomlet: I can spew my inane bullshit with impunity. I mostly blog for myself, but it was thad's and Elli's bullshit rightist opinions that made me join.

Frogbob: so there was some drama when you first started? what was it about
tomlet: George Bush, mostly. It was mostly all about debating rightist, leftist, and centrist politics. Thad and Elli were formidable foes in blog debate. Nobody else could hang with them at the time.

Frobob: can you tell ebaums users a little bit about yourself?
tomlet: I'm 42, a teacher, have two great kids, have a douchebag wife that walked out on her husband of 18 years and two kids to be a dancing queen, I play pro level frisbee golf, can throw a golf disc more than 400 feet, used to make about $8,000/year playing semi-pro poker before I quit to concentrate on my marriage, and am about to put down my last couple thousand in poker money for a retainer for my lawyer, Craig Bourke.

Frogbob: How would you describe your blogging style and topics?
tomlet: I used to blog about politics and current events, but lately, I've been pretty self absorbed in my own disintegrating family. My style is... I don't know. I try to use proper grammar and form. I sometimes get criticized for my vocabulary, but I can't help it.

Frogbob: what kind of hobbies do you have outside of ebaums?
tomlet: Poker and disc golf, I'm insanely good at. I gave up a lot of hobbies when I got married. Now that I'm not married (sort of), I plan on taking them up again. I was state doubles bowling champion when I was a kid and carried a 185 average when I was in high school (because I sand bagged like a monster) and rolled several 700's during league play (combo score of three games). I also rocked at darts. I read several books at once all the time. I'm reading Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk and Hero by John Ringo right now.

Frogbob: what is your dream car?
tomlet: I'm not into excessive cars. My mother had a Texas Department of Public Safety pursuit car when I was in high school. It was a 500 hp Mustang GT. She was on her third clutch by 40,000 miles. It got it out of my system. I'd say a Nissan Leaf today.

Frogbob: Do you have any wild stories from your own childhood?
tomlet: Jesus... you wouldn't believe... I was the first to move out in my clique. My duplex was called "the commune." The drugs, sex, and debauchery was legendary.

Frogbob: Famous or infamous?
tomlet: Leaning towards infamous, at this point. I'm working my way back to famous.

This person is a beloved mod, he started as a chat whore and eventually became a mod. Nyyank257 interview:

Frogbob: when did you start using ebaums
nyyank257: Back in 2007, I was just a normal chat person in the livechat they had, then eventually I was an admin there

Frogbob: so back when you were using livechat was there any big arguments?
nyyank257: what kind of arguments?

Frogbob: what's the biggest thing you've accomplished on ebaums?
nyyank257: Well, I think so far I have the most features on the site, other than eBaum himself of course. I think that's pretty cool

Frogbob: the trolling your dog video was hilarious, do you have any uploads you think should have been featured?
nyyank257: let me find one, one sec id say this one because this girl is out of it

Frogbob: so how do you like being a mod?
nyyank257: I love it, no complaints, I like to help people out on here and I do what I can

Frogbob: any reason you picked milton for your avatar?
nyyank257: Office Space is one of my favorite movies lol I can watch it over and over, he was my fav character in the movie haha

Frogbob: agreed haha. "you have my stapler." Hobbies outside of ebaums?
nyyank257:since the weather here is finally getting warmer, i do workout and run

Frogbob:can you tell the ebaums users a little bit about yourself?
nyyank257: Im 22, people think im 30/40 based on the avatar lol im a criminal justice major looking to be a police officer and yes i am a yankees fan

Frogbob: yah I'm not gunna lie I thought you were older haha
nyyank257:see? LOL

Frogbob: if you could have any car?
nyyank257: id take a truck, i already got one, but id love a new black toyota Tacoma

Frogbob: oo good choice, weren't they going to be using diesel cat motors now?
nyyank257: im not too sure but if they are thats badass

Frogbob: yah that'd be sick. Any crazy stories from your childhood or recently?
nyyank257: 3 years ago I got into an accident, totaled my truck, wasn't my fault, but it was a head on collision, i was going 45 on a straight road where some guy cut in front of me, my air bag didnt go off but i did where my seatbeat, the guy who hit me i thought was white but days after i found out he was black, so the airbag on his part made him white, true story

Frogbob: Gayest moment in your life.
Nyyank257: playing strip poker with a bunch of dudes ( the girls were passed out drunk)

Frogbob: xbox or play station
nyyank257: lol playstation, although i have both, ps3 is always hooked up...fuuuu psn

Frogbob: famous or infamous
nyyank257:I'm gonna say Famous, because that's my reputation level on here

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