The Culture of Products

In 40 years time the needs for fossil fuels to run every step of our agriculturally based subsistence culture, from harvesting to packing to distribution to name some oversimplified steps, will more then double. The existence of fossil fuels remaining is so limited that our production of it will be less then half of what it is today. The need will be more then four times the reality. You all know what people do when they have tremendous resource needs I imagine. Of course we could use some other sort of fuel, that would be easy and practical, the only thing it wouldn't be is good for profits. It might be a platitude by now but this is a culture that is good only for products and not for people. The only people this culture is good for is ruthless and greedy people, the most extreme of both. I am neither myself, I am far too selfless and passive, and most of all tired of such a culture as this. I doubt my potential to survive in this culture, but I might be comforted that everyone is coming with me. Our population will decline by over 70 percent in the same amount of time. It can slow down if we stop increasing food production of course. I have abandoned the miracle idea that we will stop having babies, ever. People will not stop doing that. There will be down to 3 billion and eventually only a few hundred millions humans. I shouldn't share the delusion that I will be among them, but it is all going down. I'd be tempted to laugh about this fact if only I didn't care about anyone.

Uploaded 03/21/2010
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