The Dance Recital Torture

As most of you bloggers know, I have a 12 year old sister, that I love to death. My sis has been taking dancing classes since she was 4. Every year, they have a dance recital with ALL of their students. That means you get to sit on your ass for 3 hours while you watch everyone prance around from toddlers to grown women, and a few guys. For some odd reason, theres always a really fat girl in the ballet troup and the costumes are always somewhat cheesy. Theres also always a lame-ass theme. This year it was: the 5 senses... whatever!


Each year this thing is a torture for me because I HATE DANCING!!!! I hate dancing music, I hate to watch it and most of all I hate to dance myself. The only times you can catch me dancing is at a family reunion if an old uncle asks me and Im drunk enough. But since I care so much about my little sister I have to be supportive of what she does, even if its not something I like myself. So every year around mid-may it goes a lil somethin like this:


I get to where the recital is taking place and I have to see my ex step-dad with his new wife(whos kid dont treat my sis as an equal when shes there every other week end) and I have to be all nice and shit even tho I hate them. Then I go sit next to a grandma that stinks of cheap perfume and 2 jackasses who keep talking during the recital.


There were 33 acts during the whole show and this year, my sister was in the 4th act. That meant having to see all these other kids I dont give a fuck about after im actually done here. SHEESHHHH!!! When my sis got on those 2 assholes next to me kept on babbling bullshit so I had to entervein:

Me: Hey! hey you two! stop yacking will ya, my sister is on NOW. SUSH!

Ugly guy: HUH? what?

Uglier guy: She said shut the fuck up her sisters on.

Me: Yeah I know this show sucks but just zip it for a couple of minutes then do whatever the hell you want I dont care about the other kids either.

Stinky Grandma: What kind of dance is that sweety?

Me: Jazz Ballet #2. Now sush.


And she was just wonderful. So talented. Shes always the best in the group, always smiling, never fails a movement. Again, I have to admit it was worth it to endure all that shit for these 4 minutes of sheer admiration and pride for this little girl. MY little girl.


Uploaded 05/20/2009
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