The Dare... Part 2

The Dare - Part 2


Dare, you say?

"Nice..." I respond with torturing glee...

One minute later, still tingling with excited anticipation, I watch her gather some composure as she makes her way slowly across the small span of living room carpet that makes the center of our secret circle of forbidden games.  The discomfort on the faces of those who would not be actively participating in the next set of events goes unnoticed by both her and I, making the desire to be involved more and more intense with each leaving second...

Crawling on all fours, approaching me with a sly-yet-hungry look escaping the corner of her eye, she ever so slowly, brutally taking her time, helps build the tension with pretended hesitation.  Once within reach of one my slightly shaking hands, she soothes my confusion over whether to reach out, by placing her hand on mine, and with the other, waves her index finger side to side as if coyly stating "No's my turn...".

I start to sit more upright and was met with a forceful push of her hand to my chest, putting me flat on my back with the goofiest, most excitable grin ever to escape my vault of allowable expressions.  Afraid that my physical tell of excitedness is too readily noticeable, I attemp to position my body under hers in such a way as to hide my visibly distorted button-fly.  Somewhat amused by my attempt at distraction, this goddess crawls onto me, mounting my slightly arched hips, effectively creating a barrier between our world and the rest of the already forgotten participants.

Time Stops.
Breath on my cheek as my eyes close.
No need for sight with the already overloaded sensory input of her weight on my lap, and her lips near my left ear.

I hear a tethered, unsteady, pattern of breathing as her pelvis tilts to increase the pressure on our unfairly clothed bodies.  Ripping my shirt up over my head, forcing me to imagine what activities may take place next... She starts to kiss my stomach, teasing me with kisses a tad to close to the pant line.  A hand preeses against my groin, effectively giving away my secreted growth with the slight hesitation of either her surprise, or satisfaction with what she found.

"The dare wasn't foreplay guys... Come on now..." An unknown voice says out of the nowhereness... ending the touches and kisses near the place where all is forgotten.

She unwillingly rises, with a slightly dissapointed scowl on her face only viewable by me.  With an "OK...fine", she replaces my shirt, pulling me upright, at the same time keeping the mount.

She tells me to then close my eyes, for the completion of the request.  I'll comply, but only for a moment, just long enough for her to take her shirt off...

Once again her eyes meet mine, and in that glance I can tell that this game will continue after the other parties have left, which it is now apparently not going to come soon enough.

She grabs the back of my head and pulls me to her chest, controlling the path my mouth takes across her body with both of her hands.  She glides me past each perfect breast, just long enough to get each sweet nipple fully erect and with some labored breathing she tilts heavier in to my groin with hers, causing me to feel her heat clear up to my exposed lower abdomen.  I put both my hands on her lower back, promoting and encouraging this naughty, hidden, non-dare related sexual movement that she picks up on instantly...  A slight moan and a twitch tell me that she is just as eager to recieve me, as I am to be inside her. 

Trying to appear as if my only duty is to enjoy the pseudo-lap-dance that the dare required, I peer up from her exposed front just in time to catch her recovering from a near O-face, whereby I could've sworn that she mouthed the words I WANT YOU...  Known to none but us... our intentions were now clear, and the next task would be to clear the house, and wind up alone and unrestricted within our personal ecstacy.  Knowing that once we were alone, we would be allowed to enjoy each other without constraint, we both seemed to scheme within us ways to empty the occupation of this place of everyone but us.

She raises my face to hers, licking my lips in between these deep, wet, sexually implicit kisses, even as the protest of the others begin to ring out.  She lowers her shirt, to my disapointment and with a well placed hand for the keeping of balance, grabs one last idea of my size and desire for her.  A slight squeeze as she backs away to her normal seat leaves my excitement fully visable via the raised portion of my pants.  Whether or not the small wet spot on my jeans from my extended excitement is visible or not, the point was made mute by our new mission of being alone, together, with nothing to stop our unbridled lust for each other.

Someone elses turn?  Wasn't there some game or something we were playing?  How can we get rid of these other two???

Suddenly, and welcomed by me, it seems that everyones desire to play this game has dwindled either due to dissapointment related to the most recent activities, or severe satisfaction of them... Either way, 15 minutes later I was waving goodbye to everyone as they got in their respective vehicles and headed out of the driveway...

If I was wrong about the feelings of the "other one", then I would soon be heading to bed, alone, and confused...

I go to the kitchen to make myself a drink, or two, of something hard, but sweet...  Grabbing the the bottle of Midori I had bought for the ladies, I thought I heard a sound in the living room.  Of course I had to be wrong as the most I could expect was maybe a call from her, with the intention of feeling me out for clues to the level of my desire for her... the perfect response being a knock at my door, leaving no question of intent.  But the phone doesn't ring, and no knocks are heard as I mix myself a double Midori-Sour...

With half my drink gone, I turn to walk back to front of the house which I notice is visibly darker than before... I don't remember having turned off the lights as that might discourage a secret return visit from the one who currently holds my passion in her hands... But there are many facets of this evening which have left me with a lack of memory for little things, a category of which a lot falls into. 

I didn't quite make it across the dark room to the light switch...when suddenly I see something that will be burned in my memory for as long as I hold a heartbeat.  My drink glass barely hits the floor as I am tackled by her, in all her nakedness, onto the very couch that had started all of this craziness...

Seconds later, with my clothes still falling to the floor... there suddenly comes a knock at the door....

no.... please no....  The knock I so desperately wanted before is now the most unneeded, unwanted, and frustrating sound to ever reverbate through this house....

Breathing heavily, sweat starting to build, we look at each other in puzzlement...

Do I answer?  Who the hell.....?

To be continued....

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