The Day Chrismas died. My biography.

When i was a small child i was molested many times. This continued till i was about 18. Gothic pin-up models ruined my childhood. I was forced to do all sorts of crazy shit with the models things i want to forget.This came to a stop however when i accidently murdered about 13 of them in the fire that faithful christmas day.The morning started out like allways I ate six lemons and a glass of milk with the yolk of an egg floating at the top.I could have never expected what was about to unravel.

     The models were watching T.V and i was playing with my chemistry kit i created with some nucleur spill off i stole from a lab in lower manhatten.You know the basics.. growing Genetic super mice that can withstand reading this blog section. When i accidently dropped  one of my mouses on the floor and got startled to the point where i blacked out and crushed all 20 of my mice with a ballpoint hammer. I began to panic when i realized what had taken place. I ran and grabbed a garbage bag to dispose of the mice, when i got side tracked by the models.Later that night i remembered that the mice were drying on my floor and i may need a spatula to pry them off by now.When i finaly got to my lab just as i had guessed all the mice were crusted dry to the floor in a paste consisting of their own intrails.I Picked up a few and bagged them when i notice one moving.It barely had a head and shoulder, But it was trying to crawl toward me. I bent down to examine this strange happening. It was clearly dead but it retained the ability to move.This was the only mouse that had its head intact. That didnt seem relevant till later .I scraped him off the floor and put him in with a rat i had been testing ebaums videos on. When the rat began to examine the mouse it began to move. The mouse unlocked it jaw and latched onto the rats head jaming its mouth over his face.The rat began to panic and from what i could see he suffocated to death..I quickly removed the mouse.I placed him in the microwave ,the only container that didnt have a living animal in it.I went to check on my rat.He was sitting up in his cage when i arrived...


TO be continued.....


Matt the leader of the oh wait thats a spoiler. I will tell no spoilers.


I write like old people fuck?? yea... But at least they fuck. I dont see old people bragging when they get some on ebaums. That is a new level of sad my friend.Actualy you are kind of old.... Middle aged huh? Eh well its christmas. so i will ignore you.But having responded i failed at ignoring you. Lol just admit you are gay.... You looove vagina huh..vagina vagina vagina.......Gay lol .i see your pic.. you disgruntled closet case. Here I will point out every insult you have ever put my way. Gramar ,age (young i assume) and you think you need to explain masterbation to me... Gay


Lol merry rainbow Xmas blue....


*Update* I called you gay way to change the subject.Lol.I should make a new account like you do lol....

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