The downer of being a control freak Pt 2

So I'm at work on the night of UFC 100, not that I particularily care for grown men groping each other and calling it "mixed martial arts", but I was hoping to go to our friend's party tonight. Our friend is the sister of our booker, who whined and bitched and moaned about the possibility of missing one of her sister's UFC parties, which landed me where I am now.... Sitting in the office in silence. Silence, because everyone in the southland is watching this fight.... and not calling for strippers.

Except one guy, who wants two girls to come over for a "poker" party. This means we show up, prance around in skimpy bikini's while the guys hit on us and make meagerly tips. By meagerly, I mean about $60 each, unless there's a guy who is sweet on us and has cash to spend (and actually spends it!). So I'm waiting for my dancer and driver to show up and pick me up for this party, so that I can miss out on my friend's party, all for maybe $100. I'd rather make no money and watch the grown men grope each other and wrestle with my girlfriends in a kiddie pool filled with babyoil, which was the plan if work ended up being overly slow.

So yeah... I am bitter. And pissed. My boyfriend, who has worked 2 shifts this week was bitching about his cousin ditching work for this party, despite that he was going.... our booker was bitching about having to possibly work the dayshift and be a couple hours later to the party.... the cousin was bitching about why it was a big deal because he found someone to replace him on the schedule.... and I hadn't bitched about it, until now.  I have to admit, it's really fucking frustrating! When the fuck do I get to go to the parties and have fun? When do I get nights off to hang out and act my age? No! I step up and be the responsible one! And now I just want to stab someone with my stiletto heels.

Uploaded 07/12/2009
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