The Ebaumsworld Mascot Drama - Calm Your Asses Down

I know that there's a lot of users impatient to get the chance to order the mascot, and also a bunch of butt hurt sissies crying about other entries not winning, so I'll answer the recently most popular questions in this blog.

Why did the 2nd highest voted entry win the contest? 

The answer is easy. It's a long tradition for Ebaumsworld contests never to have the winner actually become the winner. 1st place never gets the prize here, if you haven't noticed yet - for example, a long time ago RJM won the photo shop contest, but RocketFan (voted 4th) was declared the winner, on a different occasion Actionjack's photo shop contest entry was the only 4 star submission in the finals, yet he wasn't declared the winner even though his was the highest rated work. As for this year's mascot finals, yes, the Neko mascot came in first with a stunning 3.19 rating, while the chosen winner was Gerald (2nd with 2.8). I respect the tradition and I'm happy that the same artist who drew the Neko mascot is also the winner with his Gerald submission. I don't understand Gabbielingered fighting for me in the comments saying Gerald wasn't the highest rated entry - I'm cool with that, Gabbie. Also, your entry was cool too. I think it was 3rd with 2.79? That was close.

Will Mattel produce the plush Gerald69 mascots?

No. Ebaumsworld shot callers had decided that it would be too expensive to give the project to Mattel and found an equally capable Cambodian company that offered to prepare the dolls for the price of 50 cents a piece, as opposed to Mattel's 67 dollars. That's called competition, right there.


Will Charlie Sheen do the voices for the dolls?

Yes. He agreed and Pepperpeanut is currently running around town, gathering the payment mister Sheen agreed on from local dealers.

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