The Ebone Cheat Code

The comment code for getting eBones was a pain in the ass on the old site's design for a long time. It wasn't because it involved the old script and was part of the code that couldn't be modified by the programmers without risking the whole site to glitch. Users cheating loads of ebones wasn't anything the mods cared about either. The thing about the code is it kind of became a meme here and that it was a joke people took VERY seriously.

Recently my friend on here linked me to a comment posted yesterday that has been written by somebody trying to check if the comment code for ebones works on the redesign. That wouldn't be anything special if the code wasn't a prank I pulled over a year ago in my featured original content gallery called "22 Facts and Secrets about eBaumsworld."

One of the pics in the gallery is


The caption I used reads: "There's a code that gives you 1000 eBones whenever you post it in a comment"

What this caused was thousands of comments in the features and non-featured media, from people who fell for it. The funny thing is, the users that realised how stupid some people can be kept telling others they've found out what the missing digit is. The most popular version was it wasn't a digit and that it was a letter. The most popular letter was "E" for some reason

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