The economy is in the toilet......

I finally broke down and took my aluminum cans to the recycle center and with two big bags it was $12.00, I took a bag to the center a couple of months ago and it was $15.00 and now only 12 so I ask what the hell and I am informed the price is now 33 cents a pound. Look I only do this for the recycling end because I don't mind being green as long as its not inconvenient. lol I started thinking about this exchange and DAMN people the homeless or almost homeless collect cans for food and booze, mostly booze but the economy keeps pounding the little guy and they are the ones who will have an even harder time getting back to the bottom of the food chain. I am driving home and there on the corner is johnny a somewhat known homeless guy that people take care of around here and I gave him my $12.00 and told him to drink one for me and please dont insult me by saying you are going to buy food. Maybe I am wrong but I just dont think we need the government to help us we just need to help other's. My two cents or if you would rather  MY 12.00.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 04/28/2009
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