The End Is Near!

That's right!  You heard me!  The END IS NEAR!!!  Senator Andrew Cuomo the homo signed the gay marriage bill into law in New York.  Now America is DOOMED!!!  Now gays have the right to be as miserable as heterosexuals!

Who will molest our children now?  The married gays will be as worried as the straights about losing half of their belongings in a divorce.  They'll start behaving like heterosexuals and never cheat on their spouses and never look at another member of the same sex again. 

Who will even HAVE children now for that matter?  Now that gay marriage is legal there, people will be flocking there to get gay married.  Everyone will turn gay!  Long standing heterosexual marriages will break apart and both partners will run off an marry a member of the same sex now and have GAY SEX!  Pretty soon there will be gay orgies on every street corner and God will pour his wrath down upon America!  This could have been averted if people had elected a Republican president instead of Barack Hussein Obama.  No one should have ever elected that gay Kenyan descendant of Ham when he should have been working on a farm picking cotton.  Now our whole COUNTRY is doomed!

It's too late to do anything now.  No wonder God let the Muslims attack New York.  They're a bunch of gay homo fags!  THAT'S why God punished them!  I guess all we can do now is bend over and kiss our asses goodbye.

Uploaded 06/25/2011
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