The end of the world? Or just bullshit?

So it tomorrow the end of the world?  or is it just some lame bullshit that we've all heard before.
 Personally I want to know where these religious groups come up with the dates for rapture and judgement day.  It's disturbing that it comes up every couple of years.  Who doesn't remember the scare in 1999 that at midnight in 2000 the technological world would crash due to cheap lazy programming?
Or in 97 with the heavens gate group who committed mass suicide because they believe comet hale bop had a ufo following it.
Or my favorite right now that on december 21st 2012 the world will end because the mayan calendar ends that day.
Lets go through this all.  The mayan calendar of the 4th world ends on december 21st 2012.  the calendar for the 5th world begins right after it.
The hale bop ufo was a photoshopped picture, plus why the hell would a ufo follow a comet?
And now the day of rapture, tomorrow may 21st.  will be a normal day, we'll all do nothing but enjoy ourselves, and come monday listen to these but jobs ecplain how they read some document wrong, and that the true day of rapture will come in the near future.
 Or if i'm wrong we'll all find out.  so just in case, REPENT YOUR SINS YOU HEATHENS.....
 just kidding.
Uploaded 05/20/2011
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