The Eternal Struggle of the American Grizzly and the Canadian Go

This is a story of love and death.

It begins when Pepii, the american grizzly, was out walking around her territory. All of a suddenly she spot something, something made her inside shrivel up with terror. It was Alfred Elizabeth, the canadian goose. Pepii was struck with flashback to the night when Alfred attacked Pepii and her cubs, killing the her cubs with a haring. Fortunately for Pepii Alfred didnt notice her charge until it was too late. Pepii sank her fangs into Alfreds throat and shaking her around like a dog with a toy. After Pepiis dirty deed was done she sat down for a litte rest, but something didnt feel right, there was a great pain in her chest, it started to get harder and harder to breath. Unknown to Pepii Alfred had just finished her meal of a a slice of cheese and ham in between two slices of bread, a sandwich if you will, and to wash it down she drank the tears of a 3 year old. Pepii was really allergic to the tears of a 3 year old and with that she died.

After witnessing all this Chuck Norris rose from his bench made of  platypus and took off his pocho made of rabbits feet. Chuck Norris preceeded to raise Pepii and Alfred form the dead. The two animals were stuned and slowly began to rise to there feet only to receive a roundhouse kick to the head from Chuck Norris.

The moral of this story is the good Chuck giveth and the good Chuck taketh away.

Uploaded 09/17/2008
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