The Exploit of RPG

As we have discussed earlier with my readers, there's many Diablo 3 fans and also many Diablo 3 haters. I compared the game to Skyrim in one of my articles and the result was that Diablo 3 pales in comparison when it comes for the story, gameplay and graphics. But there's another thing - these two games are very different and... Diablo 3 isn't an rpg.


Yes, Diablo 3 is as much of an RPG as Pacman is a survival horror. RPGs, meaning Role Playing Games, were first invented by a bunch of geek fantasy lovers that applied certain rules to the world they have created and to achieve realism, they used dice rolls for random outcomes. The storyline and events were up to the Game Master's or Storyteller's imagination and creativity, and they "let the players" inside their mind, so the players could participate with their characters. That's basically role playng, or RPG. The old school definition.

Soon after, the world of video games adapted the systems and the first video game RPGs emerged. Games like Dungeon Master or Eye of The Beholder series were some of the first games comparing nice graphics and a dungeon to explore with the random roll systems. Most of the games were fantasy stories about warriors, magic and dragons. That's why many think that if they play a fantasy-themed game, they play an RPG. No, no - Vampire The Masquerade is an RPG and it's about vampires. RPG needs to be role played.

Is Skyrim RPG? Hell yeah it is! You choose a character you personalise. You can even choose how their face looks like. Then you go out and adventure. Choose quests. Make choices. Good or evil? Sneak or shoot or use your sword? Maybe a fireblast? That's right. Great role playing.

How about Diablo 3? It's an mmorpg. That's what the genre says. But is it? The use of the term got seriously stretched here. Even beyond rational application. How is a game like Diablo 3 a role playing game? What role do you play there? What are the choices? You get to choose a class and go through the same quests. No choices, no personalisation of your character, other than the equipment. The game's arcade. It's not RPG. You call it RPG and it's an insult for the genre. What? Because you get classes and rolls on your hits depending on your statistics? You auto level. The traits are given automatically. It's fantasy, so it's RPG? Then Pacman is survival horror because it has ghost

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