The fact of my mind

if you dont like bad grammar leave now just leave please...


Well this is all in my opinion i will be happy to read your comment disagreeing with me but it dosnt really matter... i could be wrong and i will be happy to consider all of your thoughts into my opinion but i could be completly wrong saying this but anyways ill just get on with it...


Ok personally i think Women get things a lot easier in life - people will always go help out a women before a man - women are just plain treated nicer and given lesser of punishments especially better looking ones - i am not hating on women here its just people who treat them differently because they are a women - i personally dont think it is looked down upon to get in a physical fight with a woman if they want it - although i strongly disagree with beating them just as much as i do one man beating another man and a woman beating a man - but if a man hits a girl i dont think it should be looked so down upon - another thing is the women rights movement still around now a days i completly see them back 50 years ago but in this day i find hem for the most part equal like even a woman will be chosen over a man in some buisnesses because they need to have a certain amount of women employees - (this thing probally wont matter to most) in games girls creat servers called GIRLS RULE and such - no guys creat servers called guys rule and if they do (i did) a girl came in and criticized me - i think they just need to stop promoting them selves and just realize that they are equal - i saw a commercial lately on stop girl towards girl bullying - why cant there be any on guys its just almost to the point where it has gotten discriminatory towards men


in the end these are just all my thoughts and observations please prove me wrong on some of these things like if there are commercials directed to SPECIFICLY boys - or if there has to be a number of male employes in a company - these things i am not aware off but im just trying to say todays white man has no thing basicly specificly for them they are the ones who need no support there is thing for almost every thing else - its as if the white man has no problems but yet i am young compared to most on here so go ahead and make fun of me for that but concider what i have said


That is all enjoy your day and i do not at all mean to be offensive :P

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