The fantasy cabin.

As the warm scent of his thick semen floated throughout the air like a graceful butterfly, He penetrated deep into her. the sweat on her breasts was dripping down into her belly button as her tits were slapping against her chest. The large veins of his cock were bulging deep in her pussy giving her an unbelievable pleasure. They were both grasping eachothers bodies and holding on for dear life, her soft smooth legs were rapped around his thighs like an anoconda. Her moaning intensified more and more as her soft body was held close to his while his semen pumped strongly inside of her. She was growling and moaning like a starving tiger, with every thrust they approached closer and closer to the edge of ultimate pleasure. Fog gathered on the windows while in the distance they could here the lonesome howls of hungry wolves. Her nails clenched onto his sides harder and harder, until she let out a loud deep moan, The sweat from between her breasts was falling upon his muscualar body until a small puddle formed on the concave of his chest. 

His sperm pumped inside of her strongly until he could see it dripping out of her pussy and traveling down her legs. It was a cold dark night but the only way they could keep themselves warm was to keep there bodies as close as possible while there greatest fantasies were fulfilled. 

To Be Continued...

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