The Finale

Recap: Charlie and the beast fled to Las Vegas after finding out they were being hunted by Roman; at least Charlie was for stealing Roman's book.  They found out in a seemingly random way.  However, it was part of Roman's grand plan.  Charlie came to the realization that he was the source of Roman's psychosis and he was scared for his life.  No amount of drugs was going to take that away.  After arriving in Vegas and pulling some hustles, they retire to their room.  Suddenly, Roman and Lindsay pound on the door and bust in...

The drugs were gone.  It was all adrenalin now.  Roman walked slowly over to the stereo and turned off the Billy Squire double play; Lonely is the Night was coming on.  I knew it instantly because the intro always reminded me of Zeppelin's Nobody's Fault but Mine.  I waited for Roman to speak.  He kept me waiting.  He was a goddamn psycho.  He looked over the entire room like he was scanning every detail.  Finally, I said, "Christ man!  They have brochures downstairs with pictures of the rooms.  What the fuck are you looking at?"  The other Charlie looked horrified that I was talking to Roman this way.  He stared at Roman for a reaction.  Roman kept scanning the room.  The eerie silence was maddening. 

Finally, Roman asked, "Where is it Charlie?"  I quipped, "Where's what?  The drugs, the booze...what do you want?"  Roman walked right up to me, "Where is the book that you stole from me 25 years ago?"  I questioned him, "What makes you think I still have your goddamn book you crazy loon?" Roman responded, "I can tell by the way you talk and live that you still have the book.  You embraced Hunter S Thompson as my father did.  You see, Charlie, he gave me that book right before he left my mom and me.  That's all I had left of him.  I thought, maybe, that book had an answer for why my father left us.  You stole it before I found an answer."  I hung my head and said, "I'm sorry Roman.  I know what I did was wrong.  I was only a kid.  I didn't know how important the book was to you."  Roman laughed, "We're not kids any more Charlie.  We must answer to our transgressions, my boy.  Now where is it?"  I said, "My bag.  It's in my goddamn bag you animal."  Roman motioned to Lindsay, "Take these other two to the bathroom and shut the door."  Lindsay did.  The other Charlie followed her to stand guard.  I pleaded, "Leave the beast out of this.  That dumb bastard doesn't know anything about this.  He's just along for the ride.  The whore is the unluckiest girl in Vegas right now.  She just hooked up with us.  You have me.  Let them go."  Roman laughed wickedly, "Frankly Charlie, I'm tired of violence.  I have dreamed about this moment for years.  However, it has become very anticlimactic for me.  I just want the book."  I didn't trust this bastard for a second.  I knew he was going to kill me.  

I walked over to my bag and pulled out the book.  I had taken very good care of it.  I handed it to Roman.  His eyes lit up like that of a female lion catching a glimpse of a limping impala.  He opened it and stared at the Ralph Steadman art work.  He said, "Charlie I feel complete again."  He sat the book down and quickly punched me in the nose in a single sweeping motion.  I went down.  I heard Roman call to Lindsay and the other Charlie, "I've got it let's go."  They quickly exited.  I thought, "No gunshots?  No more punches?  This can't be real.  I must be dead?"  I hear the beast and Kat come out of the bathroom.  Kat comes running over, "Who the fuck were they?"  I said, "You don't need to know, but we're still alive and that is shocking to say the least.  We got to get out of this goddamn town."  She helped me up.  I said to the beast, "Gather up this booze and I'll get this other shit.  We have to leave before our piss-hole luck runs out."  I feel the beast's hands on the sides of my head and darkness..............................

"It's called a changeover.  The blog goes on and nobody reading has any idea it happened."               Point of view changes to the beast.   

Kat starts screaming, "You fucker!  Why did you just do that?  You killed him!"  I walked over to her and said, "Charlie should have never gotten you involved.  Roman said to take care of everyone.  Sorry whore."  I put my hand over her screaming mouth.  She tried to bite me.  I twisted her neck furiously.  She fell to the floor.  I grab a whiskey bottle and take several long gulps and leave.  I jump in the red convertible and drive.  I find Roman, Lindsay, and the other Charlie in the desert, just outside of town.  Roman asks, "Is it done?"  I nod.  He smiles, "Well done Cesar.  The mission is complete."  I look at Lindsay and wink.  She throws me the gun.  I said, "Not quite Roman."  I put the gun against the side of his head and pull the trigger.  His blood explodes all over Charlie.  Charlie is frozen with fear.  I said, "I can't let you go.  You know too much."  I walk up and shoot him as well.  Lindsay walks over and hugs me.  She lays her head on my chest and says, "Now it's all over."  I kiss the top of her head, "Yes, it's finally done."  She looks up at me and says, "I really loved Roman you know."  I smile and say, "I know you did, but Roman was getting too careless.  He was going to get us all locked up.  It had to be this way."  Lindsay cries, "I know.  At least, we can be together now.  You won't leave me, will you Cesar?"  I look into her eyes and say, "No baby girl.  I won't leave you." 

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