the first black man

In american history one thing is present about black men. The first black man to do something normally reserved for whites, has done so with class, dignity, and with perfection.  Think about it, the first black football players, first black baseball players. the first black men to do such things had to be one thing. perfect. They knew that if they even screwed up the smallest way, they dor would be shut on black men forever. Comparing Barack Obama to these men is a fair comparision in my mind. Barack has done one thing throughout this election, been perfect. Imagine for one minute, what if Barack Obama had gone and screwed up something like what McCain had done with the Ecoonomic crisis, or really anythign at all. Obama has done one thing, been perfect. Like all the black men before him in similar situations, all he has to do is not screw up for the rest of them, so that one day, black men and women have a chance to become, president of the USA.

I am muhhaha, and you can disagree with Obama, but you can't deny that he has been perfect.

Uploaded 11/04/2008
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