The first time I was ever in a hot tub

it was one night when my shift just ended at Uno's.  some people who worked at Ruby Tuesdays were at the bar having a drink and those of us who got off of work decided to stick around and hang out with the rubys people.  its how it works, they drink at our place we always drink at their place and we always end up drinking cheap, even free sometimes.  anyway after a couple of hours of hanging out im being being funny and flirting with all the girls there.  nothing serious not really geared toward any girls specifically but 2 friends that worked at rubys kept my attention. 

The Girls:

The Readhead -  sexy chick.  about 5 ft 10 gorgeous face with a nice curvy figure.  I dont know about you people but to me  read heads are either fugly or drop dead gorgeous.  this chick was gorgeous.

The Butterface -  Readheads best friend.  great ass small but nice rack ... butter face.  i mean compared to her friend she was, alone she was ok .  maybe im being mean but those are the names im giving them. 

Ok so the girls are drinking petron margeritas and im having my beer and the butterface says she wants to go in a hot tub.  Being that it was the middle of februray in new england, i thought a hot tub would be awesome.  so i say " dude, a hot tub would be sweet.  I never been in one before."  read head smiles and says let go.  Im not sure why no one else went besides us three but the guys they worked with im sure they have had plenty of fun with and the guys i worked with were mostly douches.

we go to her parents house where she still lives and this place was fuckin nice.  when i find out her last name i realize her dad is a big wig lawyer and uncles own a ton of buildings in town.  so anyway as i was follwoing them to her house in my car i am telling myself i am the coolest guy in the world. and texting my friends with the same.   So at her place the girls change into bikinis and bring out towles.  I strip to my boxers.  In comes the read heads younger sister.  she was probably 18 at the time.  and she was laughing her ass off at me.  you think she would be a little weirded out by some stranger in her living room in his boxers and sox but onces the giggling ceased she finally asked me who i was.  I said i was here for the hot tub.  thats when the other two come out and start laughing at the situation.  then me butter face and redhead go to the hot tub.

after a some short conversation of how nice it is to be in a hot tub while theres still snow on the ground, butter face suggests we play truth or dare.   redhead says it wont be as much fun with only one guy.  I hastily disagree and said it would be awesome.   red agreed to play.  I felt like i wont the lotto.  and before the game even starts butterface decides to get naked.  then she asks me truth or dare.  I say dare. she says get naked.  i get naked.  she then tell red to get naked.  red wont go naked.  her parents are inside and dosent want to get caught in the hot tub naked.  so she just takes off her top.  its my turn.  amazing ideas kept spinning through my mind.  and i ask red, 'truth or dare'.  she said dare.  thank the heavens.  i tell red to suck on butterfaces toes.  butter face lifted up her foot and she had some cute feet. red was hesitant at first but then got into it like a pro.  Instant hard on.  red then dares butterface to put her tits in my mouth.  she is extremly ho-ish and lets me feel on her boobies and I start to lickem like a lolli.   by this point the game is just dare and truth is no longer asked.  butter face then says she wants me to whipped it out I told her im not hard and she grabs my hand and lets me finger her and red let me play with her amazing boobies so i can get hard. I got hard pretty quick and flash my  pecker.  nothing impresive i admit but hey they didnt laugh i felt good about myself.  butterface continues with the dare and says she wants me to rub my dick on reds vajayjay.  red gave a look.  i wasnt going to do anything she wasnt comfortable with but the girls conversed with themselves and aparently red hadnt gotten laid in like 3 months and this was butterfaces way of getting her hot and horny. 

I would like to go on record saying it was a right place right time kinda thing.  pure luck for me.

so she lets me do my thing but all over her bikini.  whatever im cool with that.  so she spreads them and i get into position.  i keep my hands close to the tip so i can feel her puss.  that was a nice plump taco.  i start kissing her neck and and playing with her ear lobes. she stopped me after a few seconds before anything could go to far.  everytime i was to dare them somthing i always had them do somthing to each other.  and butter face was great she would play with my dick all the while getting me some action from red.  red was great through out the whole thing.  we spent about 2 hours in the hot tub. the best damn 2 hours of my life.  I remember spanking butterfaces ass and leaving hand prints on them.

In the end i didnt get laid or anything. I probably didnt push the issue far enough.  I dont see red doing a threesome thing anyway.  butterface most definetly.  could have banged her most likley since i got the most action from her. 

man i cant wait to get me a hot tub.  everytime i see one of think of my first experience with a hot tub.  it always puts a smile on my face

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