The flat tire....or the day I went down the rabbit hole.

The year was 1977 and I was driving around a 1972 Vega, I dont know what you all remember if anything about this car but it had an Aluminum Head and when it got hot it would leak oil and water. This car would stop running when it got low on oil I could drive all month on 10 bucks gas and 20 bucks worth of oil. OK now the story and I am not making up any of this, when I think about it I feel like I used up all my luck on this day. My brother and I drove over to this guys house because he had some Tye(not sure of the spelling) sticks he was selling(if you dont know what it is I am not telling) for 8 bucks a piece. When we got there he had them but they were not dry yet so I pulled the Vega into his garage and we hung up 60 of these Tye sticks in the trunk of the Vega and this car of course had a hatch back so we put a blanket up and had to move the spare tire up to the back seat. We get about 5 miles down the road and BANG flat tire and we are out changing it when I realize I have no jack and who should pull up at that moment? You guessed it Cincinnati police and me and my brother stoned and now paranoid but the cop gets out I explain my trunk key is missing(fast thinking for a stoned young man) and I had no jack and he gets his out and we change the tire and I thanked him about 50 times and when we drove out of there my brother looks at me and says "we can never ask God for anything again" lmfao. It is amazing any of us escape jail by the time we get out of our teens. lol


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 01/07/2009
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