The Fly

A while back I wrote about a fly that has been monitoring my activities here on the internet. The fly has continued to monitor me until just a few minutes ago. I heard a small explosion, saw a blue flash from behind my computer and smelled the faint odor of burning electronics.

I jumped up, figured my comp just fried itself and prepared myself for the worse. While looking behind my comp a message came up on my screen indicating an unknown USB device was installed in the  computer.

I carefully examined all the ports, nothing was plugged in, but there splattered against my wall was that crazy fly I named CHIA. He has finally been eliminated. Somehow this secret service spy fly messed up and short circuited itself. My computer seems to be working normally but the fly is not salvageable, I  wiped it up with toilet paper and gave it a toilet burial.

Note: The dead fly and explosion and everything else I described actually happened. The explosion was as loud as a fire cracker and the flash as bright as a camera flash bulb. Any one else ever experience this?

Uploaded 10/03/2010
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