The flys perspective

Pascho and I had a funny conversation about a little issue he experienced it was the cupboard from hell, that needed to be clean and we both got awesome blog idea's to write what happens to flies as they are disposed of so we both wrote a blog from the perspective of the flies !


The Fly's Perspective


The door was left wide open, to a English flat, and I could smell the delicious scent of rotting potatoes and stale rice that was left inside a rice cooker, it was located at the most hardest to reach areas, inside a cupboard above a washing machine, to my surprise I wasnt the first fly to arrive, it was a fly paradise, little maggots being born inside the ever bountiful rice cooker, all the flies gather around the rotten potato liquid, slurping the mold and decaying gunk, some even rolled in it like pigs in shit.


This was paradise, then to my surprise we see light coming in from the cupboard, a loud gagging sound is heard followed by gross it smells like shit in here. The next events were catastrophic; scorching hot water was poured into the rice cooker, killing all the infants, there wasnt much we could do, but to watch as the young maggots screeched in pain, then we were hit with a strange smelling liquid it was strong with label on it that spelled C-L-O-R-O-X, it wiped out the potato gunk, we had to retaliate, the remaining flies gather together and began the assault on the being, they swarmed him entering and exiting his orifices, it drove him mad, flinging and waving this arms around, shaking his body, but then he suddenly stops, and looks over to a large device, he grins and turns it on the sound it makes can compared to the howling of lost souls in hell, he detaches the tubular hose and beings aiming and lunging towards my comrades they are vanishing into this strange contraption, I head for the kill Im ending this wretched humans life, as I streamline directly for the ear canal I am intercepted by his sucking machine.



It was dark, and I could hear the others in panic, has this machine taken my sight, where was I, then a rumble came, it was as the whole world was moving then a loud thud was heard, I look up and I could see light and smell the of the heavens came to, I flew outside and to my amazement I was in a utopia of food rotten fruits, little maggots jumping around, I was in heaven!


Uploaded 10/10/2011
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