the funny things in life are free.

so i have an aunt named becca. completley aware that we call her chewbecca because she isnt the most beautiful woman on the planet, thats one of those funny things in life. driving down a dirt driveway to your home and seeing your brother on his bycicle trying to beat you so you open the door to your car to give him a little nudge...thats one of those funny things in life. ordering dollar chinese food that tastes like shit so it can sit in your refrigerator for 2 weeks..thats one of those funnt things in life. while taking a shower you impersonate the terminator into your back scrubber only to find your wife has been in there brushing her hair the entire time....thats one of those funny things in life. stealing your neighbors paper because his dog took a shit on your lawn.....still funny. thumbing down comments on ebaums world because the person has a gay avatar...way funny. farting in the line at the movies and then walking away, hillarious. i was just thinking about some funny things and how real these things are in everyday life. this shit is funny!

Uploaded 03/11/2009
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