The Future of the eBaums World Male

Since most of the guys here are pursuing their carnal pleasures with one hand and playing electronic games with the other, while acting like a bunch of immature brats, I would like to present your futures to you.Men are becoming feminized due to their weird behaviours of not learning to treat themselves and women with respect. You guys are literally beating out any bit of manhood that you may posses. The following is a true life story and it is something most of the guys here will become.
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The TV show "Big Bang Theory" recently had a scene where Sheldon appeared dressed as a French Maid at work. My wife immediately saved the episode to our DVR and began teasing me about how the women where I work would just love to see me dressed as a Frilly French Maid. Years ago during my college hazing, she and one of my sisters delighted in making me serve them and the other girls at their college as Prissy the Sissy Maid ( See Experience Project Story titled - "Initiated By My Sister, My Ex-girlfriend And Their Female College Classmates). Since our marriage she has often publicly and privately humiliated or feminized me to prove that she wears the pants in our house while she makes me wear the panties After re-watching the scene a couple of times, she told me that it would be fun one day to have me serve my coworkers as a pretty little sissy maid. As I pleaded please don't make me do that, she teased "Why? It would a wonderfully amusing event for your office, everyone will enjoy themselves, the girls will have something to talk about forever and they definitely will begin to see and treat you differently. She finally said that although it might be difficult to make that occur, she would start thinking about a way to make it eventually happen. I was reminded that there were only 4-5 males where I worked with about 35 women and that if I did eventually play maid for them I would need to be a good one. Before going to bed that night, I was made to shave my legs and practice playing the office maid for her while dressed in my short frilly pink baby doll nightie, panties and heels. After 30 minutes of practicing my curtsy we got in bed where I was put over her lap for a spanking and told that if I was a good little girl my coworkers might have to wait a long time before having me amuse them as a sissy maid.

Later that week at Easter dinner with all my relatives present, the TV episode with Sheldon dressed as a maid was mentioned and it started a discussion about how funny and often TV shows show men being embarrassed in public to the delight of women. During dessert one of my cousins revealed that she and Tom (her husband) had cross dressed for a Halloween party a few years back and how adorable he had looked in his short skirt and make-up. Shortly after his wife began the story, all the men started leaving to play touch football and basketball at a nearby park. Tom was told by his wife to stay and finish the story and I became afraid that my wife or sister would tell everyone about my college initiation where for three days I was hazed by the two of them and their girlfriends. When I started to get out of my chair, I was told to stay put by my wife so I could help clean up. It was just Tom and I with the group of women and girls who were now doing some serious drinking. As Tom started to describe his day dressed like a schoolgirl, he was suddenly told to stop. His wife, urged on by the laughing ladies, put lipstick on him to give everyone a better idea of what he looked like that Halloween. It was amazing how a few drinks and superior numbers had turned this group of normally quiet women into a pack of squealing girls enjoying their new position of power over the humiliated man. To the delight of the jeering women, Tom described his Halloween with tears in his eyes. As I listened, I just knew that my wife was shortly going to make me describe my college initiation when I was made to wear a diaper, serve coeds and go shopping while dressed as a French Maid, and dance in public like a little ballerina while dressed in a frilly pink tutu and tights. When a totally embarrassed Tom finished his story and left after cleaning his face, my wife to my relief told me to clear the table. As my youngest 14 or 15 female relatives who ranged in age from around 13 to 24, got up to help, my wife told them to just sit and let the MAID DO IT. Red-faced I took a few dishes to the kitchen as they all giggled and snickered at my plight. As I rinsed some dishes in the sink I could hear them all laughing as they awaited my return. Finally my wife said in a loud voice, "I wonder what is taking our shy little maid so long? After the laughing subsided other voices added " She's probably fixing her make-up and Maybe she's changing into her frilly little outfit and heels for us?" As a roar went up from the group of women, I realized that Easter was quickly turning into a humiliating ordeal for me and a day to remember for my wife and all my female relatives.

Before I could return to clear the rest of the dishes, my wife entered the kitchen and told me to relax and do whatever I was told by her or any of the women. She assured me that she would not reveal that I really was her submissive sissy if I acted like good little maid. After tying a frilly apron around my waist she led me by the hand to face my fate. It wasn't long before the doors were locked and I sat meekly with a big bow in my hair while my giggling teenage cousins put some make-up & lipstick on me. My sister immediately proclaimed that it was a shame that they didn't have a Frilly French Maid's outfit available so I could show off my pretty long legs. After one wife proclaimed that good maids should always curtsey when entering or leaving a room; a giggling cousin added that bad maids often get a spanking. Much to their delight, I began to curtsey every time I took a dish to the kitchen or brought them a drink. 

It seemed like an eternity for me to finish cleaning up as the women relished every minute they had me under their thumbs. My last humiliating act was orchestrated by my wife. She quietly whispered for me to obey her every command and repeat what I was told to say. If I didn't, she threatened to tell the girls about the pink panties I was wearing, make me show them my cute skinny shaved legs or spank me. As she continued whispering in my ear, I was made to curtsey to the group and thank them in a girly voice for allowing me to be their maid. I then apologized for not being dressed properly for the occasion, promising that my wife and I would not let that happen again if I was given the opportunity and honor to be a maid or even a butler for any of them. Anyone wanting my future service should contact my wife since she would make sure I kept the appointment wearing the correct outfit. As the girls cheered and promised to take me up on my offer, I was allowed to get cleaned up so that the men would not have a hint of what I had been made to do.

When I returned looking like my usual self, my wife publicly thanked me for being such a good sport and asked everyone to keep to themselves what had happened today. This girls only party was to be their little special secret. She said If what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas then she might be willing to have me dress as a French Maid if my services were ever requested by one of them. After Tom's wife announced that she would love to see him dressed like a maid or as a school girl again, my wife said that although it wasn't April 1 this certainly could be considered April Fool's Day. To my surprise, she then added, " Does anyone really believe everything they hear about an April Fool'
s event and should they really believe anything they are told on April Fool's Day? "As my sister smiled at me, I wondered how many of the women really believed any of the things my wife had said and who thought she was just kidding. I just hoped that my wife had been playing an April Fool's joke on all the women and me when she said I was available in the future to serve any or all of them in a short frilly French Maid's costume. Only time would tell.
As we drove home, I thanked her for not revealing our secret relationship. She responded, "You are very welcome, the girls and I loved having you and Tom entertain us. In fact, you were so good that one of your young cousins has already asked me if you could one day dress up and be the maid for her and her girlfriends at their monthly "Hen's Night". Maybe we can use that as a dress rehearsal for when you provide the entertainment for your co-workers.

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