The Ghost in my house

Well when I was 4 I would alwasy see these dark  figures around my house and nobody believed me so I told my 2 cousins that we should stay up and try to look for it and my 2 brothers wanted to help look for the figure aswell just so they can prove it wasn't real and just my imagination.

So 1 day we stayed up all night looking for the figure and we could'nt find anything so we all just went to the living room to watch some tv and we left 1 light on so all the doors and windows were closed just incase we heard anything and the ac was off as well so we have the tv low and we are all talking to one another while the tv is on a commercial and my little cousin says he heard something he said it sounded like a man so we look around my oldest brother puts the tv on mute and we all heard the man loud and clear so we all see something moving at the corner of our eyes and there was the figure he was very tall and he ran to were my sister's room and my mom's room is and we have a plant that hangs from the ceiling befor the 2 rooms(let me remind you all the windows and doors are closed) the plant started  to shake like crazy!

So me and my 2 cousins stay in the living room and my older brothers when to go see if the figure was in 1 of the 2 rooms so 1 grabs a bat and the other grabs a knife so they go in both rooms........and.....nothing was there

Uploaded 08/03/2008
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Tags: scary ghost