so i was on the yahoo homepage the other know getting my daily dose of the shit news. you know the things that most people find to be unimportant, like brittney's new boyfriend......or how to get flat abs in a week. anyway, this story catches my eye about a statue that was built in iraq. so i could further my post wartime anxieties i decided to see what the article was about. i clicked the link and a picture of a giant shoe pops up. apparently, some iraqi dude built a symbolic statue of a shoe to forever remember the day this journalist threw a shoe at george dubya. well, as patriotic as i am........i am married to a service member and i do volounteer a lot to help support our troops............i found this kind of funny. was it wrong of me to laugh at such a thing. maybe i should have jumped on the old, "im american and i wont stand for this!" band wagon. most people dont have an issue with our former president, i wont say anything about him at all. i just thought the statue of the giant shoe was pretty funny. that would be like ressurecting a statue of the first pimp to ever slap a hooker, and then all the pimps around the world comming along to praise upon it..............ITS REDICULOUS. i just wanted to share that little bit of yahoo humor news with all of you. im sure you all can look it up online. anyway i will blog with you all later!

Uploaded 01/30/2009
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