The Good Deed That Didn't Go Unpunished !

As a boy,i guess i was like any other.I loved my mother and did what ever i could to piss my father off.I was always told it was because he and i were so much alike,but i dispute that claim.My father was a good man at times and a real asshole the majority of the time.What I'm sure of is that he did the best that his second grade education allowed him to do.He wasn't a stupid man by any stretch of the imagination,he worked until he couldn't because of his health.He loved me, but never said so until much later in life, but i new he did just by his actions and his deeds.There came a time in his life when he found god.I will have to say that was when he seemed to be the happiest.He was the type of man that when he found something that he liked he gave it everything he had to give.He became a ordained minister and not just any type of minister,he became a pentecostal preacher,hell fire and brimstone and tell it like it is sermons.The pentecostal church believes in speaking in tongues,healing,and the casting out of evil spirits.There are many other things they believe but for this story that's all i need to list.We were at home one night and received a phone call from a member of the church needing my fathers help,my father, her pastor.This woman had been having trouble with her husband,he was trying so hard to get the devil off his back,but the thing is when you decide to let go of the worldly things and give your life over to god, Satan and his unholy demons will not let you go without a fight.When you as a man of god take on the unholy you have to make sure that you don't do it alone.You have to make sure that you drive the evil spirits out and away from the ones you love.When you take on this kind of responsibility you have to really understand what you are about to unleash from the afflicted person.The group that my father picked to assist him was made up of a group of naive young men,myself,my two brothers,my cousin and a friend of ours.We were all that was around at about 11:00 at night.We were all young Christians and ready to do the lords work no matter what it was.What we didn't realize was that our father and minister was about to unleash something so evil that it would stay with some of us for over 30 years.

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