The great unifier

I have been told that ignorance is bliss. I frankly disagree with this, but I have finally come across a case in which such may be factual and the case. We have suffered a rather harsh and disturbing 8 years under the current commander in chief. We have seen high fuel prices, a dwindling economy, namely proffered by a reduced manufacturing base, lowering wages, and decline in the housing market and reduced purchasing power of the dollar. There are more I could add, including a costly war that was implemented for over zealous personal gain and/or fame and lowering academic performance across the board from primary school to college.


Yes, GWB has put his foot in it, basically unknowingly and via the suggestions of advisors that seem to have never had the best interest of folk like us in their hearts. I really feel sorry for the next president. I know it will be better in some form or fashion, but the road traversed will be arduous and difficult. Bumpy even with a many of moguls to avoid.


Yep, GWB, his legacy will be an assorted one. But for me, I will always recognize for his inept outcome regarding the current state of political affairs. For me even with the war and stagflation, I will always remember him as the great unifier. Yep, for this one man in his eight years has managed to do what others, even Martin King Jr. could not do. He has managed to bring together, whites and blacks, men and women, gay and heterosexuals, natural born citizens and immigrants, republicans and democrats. For we all know he must go. He has done all of this believe it or not unwittingly. So George W. Bush, I toast to you, leaving office and unifying America, for with you, your folk and your policies, we would not have been on the verge of this new possibility, of a man of African descent, taking residency in the white House.

Uploaded 10/18/2008
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