The Great War - Final

     The harsh dessert sun beat down on my head with full fury. My eyes constantly scoured the dunes for any sign of humanity. My canteen became light very quickly. My throat kept yearning for a feel of the soothing water. The road ahead is so long and I took off my flak jacket to make the travelling easier. I try to listen for a chopper or anything coming to rescue me. During my walk I started to cry. I cried about the incident last night, about my position, and what could have happened to my squad. I wondered why they left me here and what happened to them. Did they get blown up too? Did they just abandon me on the side? Were they forced to flee? I said so many questions floating through my head. Then, all of a sudden, I could see some dark spots coming down the road. I felt so happy, they had come back for me. I started to run towards the dots and waved my hands in the air. Then, a question came up. What if it wasn't my squad, what if they were enemy vehicles? I quickly ran towards the ditch and hopped in. I poked my head over the side to get a glance at the vehicles. They were travelling very fast and I immediately realized they were Assault Bots. They came within two hundred yards when I saw the emblem on the front of their Bots. I sank into the ditch and let the Rebels pass me. I stayed in that ditch for about ten minutes just crying my eyes out. How I wished it to be Johnson or Calhoun.

     After that cry, I started out again. I had traversed about forty miles and I was nearly there. I couldn't wait to get back to the base and ask about what happened. I was so curious as to what occured. The only thing I remembered seeing was the RPG spiralling towards me. The vision quickly vanished and I focused on where I was going. I walked another ten miles when I heard voices. Rebel voices. I could see a small bunker to my right. I heard about three different voices and a radio. Yes, a radio. I crept up towards the outside of the bunker and pulled out my pistol. I approached the door and prepared myself for the attack. I was glad that the door of the bunker was open and I slid into the doorway. The three Rebels had set up a .50 cal machine gun to watch the road while the other two had what appeared to be two stolen M77s. One was sitting at a desk listening to someone talk over the radio while the other two looked out at the road. I aimed my pistol at the Rebel on the radio's head. I put my finger on the trigger and shot him. Blood and brains splattered on the wall in front of him and I quickly took aim at the other two. They swung their rifles around, but not fast enough. I let loose a full clip of ammo into their bodies. Blood flew everywhere as my bullets struck their bodies. I stepped over the dead bodies and picked up the radio. I remembered the channel Powers used to call in the choppers.

"Hello, anyone, I am Sergeant Ben Stevenson in need of immediate evac, over!"

     I listened closely for any reply. I waited several minutes before I repeated. This time I heard a reply.

"Hello, Seargeant Stevenson. This is Alpha Company, what are your coordinates."

     I told them my coordinates and they were calling in my squad to save me. I couldn't believe it, it was as if it were a dream. I was so glad that someone was coming to save me. I picked up on of the M77s and watched the for my squad. I waited nearly a half hour before I saw friendly jeeps coming towards me. I ran out of the bunker and headed towards the jeeps. I could see Johnson manning the .50 cal and I smiled at him. I was just about in the jeep when I was shot. A sniper had shot me in the stomach and I started to bleed. I could tell that I was hit badly. Calhoun jumped out of the jeep and started to drag me into cover. I saw Johnson swing the .50 cal towards the sniper and kill him. I held my hand over the wound and noticed the large amount of blood that was coming out. Nathans ran towards me and started to bandage me up. They lifted me onto the back of the truck and took off back to base.

     Once we got to base, they lifted me off the jeep and into the Medical Tent. Doctors started to probe me with several different utensils and tried to bandage up the wound. They injected me with a weird looking substance and I started to drift off to sleep. I awoke a while later and called for a nurse. The nurse came to my side and I told her to fetch me a journal. I wanted to write about my time here in case I died. I also asked her to bring in my squad, I wanted to ask some questions. I learned that when I was hit, they all thought I was dead. The blast completely obliterated my Bot, but somehow I managed to survive. They said they were going to search for my body but several enemy Bots were entering the fight and they had to retreat. I don't blame them for what happened and I'm glad to know the truth. The doctors came in recently and told me that I might not make it through this night. After I received the news I asked a nurse for Johnson to come back in. He walked up to my side and sat in the chair. I could see that he was crying and I started to cry too. We sat their reminscing about the old days and all the fun we had. I grasped his hand and squeezed it as tight as I could. We both knew that I might not make it much longer. He sat there, holding my hand, until he fell asleep. Neither one of us wanted to let go. Now I sit here telling you all what could be my last thoughts. Johnson is asleep next to me and I know the doctors will come in soon to operate on me. My tears are running off onto the pages and I can't stop. I don't want to die. I only have a thirty percent chance to live and I'm praying to God. Wait! The doctors are here, I'm going into surgery now and I don't know if I'll live or

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