The Great War - Part 2

     My palms were sweaty as I watched vehicle after vehicle traverse over the hills. The M77 in my hand rattled uncontrollably as the first vehicle approached the roadblock. I could see three people in the jeep as it edged about a hundred feet from the debris. Johnson was setting up his SAW44 while Rutter pulled out a grenade. I could see the confusion in the driver's eyes as he studied the roadblock. Another Rebel in the second truck hopped out and headed towards the first jeep. I could see his rifle carelessly slung around his shoulder, unaware of our presence. He was motioning to the lead jeep to back out and try to go around... a big mistake.

     The jeep edged it's way towards the outside of the roadblock when all hell broke loose. The jeep's tire triggered a mine that killed all three men instantly. I could smell the charred bodies along with an unbearable puff of smoke. The smell almost made me throw up when our foxholes lit up. I could see our muzzle blasts ripping into the convoy, tearing apart metal and flesh wherever the bullets struck. Rutter threw his grenade into a truck full of Rebels, the blast shook the hills and set body parts everywhere. I saw a Rebel running out of the truck on fire, his skin was melting right before my eyes and he collapsed on the ground. I swung my rifle up towards a fleeing Rebel and his brains splattered onto the road. Johnson was firing in short bursts towards a group of resistors. His bullets made their bodies dance and their limbs flailed around.

     There were nine vehicles in the convoy when the fight started. Now, only two of the vehicles managed to flee the site. The remaining seven vehicles were either on fire or riddled with hundreds of bullet holes. The fleeing Rebels were quickly taken out by Johnson's gun. I saw two Rebels that were crawling towards a ravine to my left and decided to take them out myself. I leveled my rifle and squeezed off a short burst on the first Rebel. His body jerked upwards for a brief moment then settled into the hot sand. The second one, surprised by my shots, jumped up to his feet and tried to make a break for it. He was inches from the ravine when my bullet pierced the back of his head. Blood gushed from his head as the bullet ripped through his skull. He stammered for another step then collapsed.

     After doing a thorough inspection of the vehicles and eliminating the survivors we were ordered to meet with Alpha company about ten miles from our position. From there we were supposed to be loaded onto choppers and infiltrate a village to our west. This was going to be a long walk to the site and I'm sure the Rebels will be looking for us.

    "Move out!" yelled Powers....

Please comment as necessary, I will continue to make more parts to this story almost everyday and sometimes twice a day so you won't have to wait long. Leave comments if you want to see something in a future part, thanks.

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