The Great War - Part 3

 We started our ten mile walk to the pick-up zone with caution. We knew the enemy would be on it's way to intercept us after the incident at the ambush site. Everywhere we looked there was sand, I couldn't believe that people actually lived in this place. The air was thick with sand and other debris and it was hard just to breathe. Johnson and I were at the rear of the line, while Rutter was at point. We were all scanning the horizons for any sight of the enemy. We were within three miles of the pick-up zone when the sniper fired it's first shot.

     The bullet had struck Calhoun right in the chest and immediately knocked him down. We had to find cover quick or else parish from the sniper. There was a little ditch about a hundred yards in front of us, it was our only hope. Johnson grabbed Calhoun and we all sprinted towards the ditch. The sniper fired a second shot which narrowly missed Rutter's arm. All of a sudden I felt an immense pain culminating in my leg. My balance was lost and I stumbled to the ground. That's when I realized that I was shot, I had been shot in the leg. Blood poured from the hole in my uniform and it made a small puddle beneath my leg. I screamed out for someone to help me and Powers grabbed my arm. He pulled me the remaining distance into the ditch and collapsed.

     Nathans, the medic, was checking Calhoun's wound while the rest of the squad prepared their weapons. We were all afraid to poke our heads up and expose ourselves. Powers pulled out his bayonet and used it as a mirror to see over the top. After scanning the dunes for a few minutes he saw the sniper. The sniper had been laying prone at the top of a dune. The plan was to shoot a short burst at the sniper to force him to back off, or it would kill him. Johnson swung his SAW44 up and strafed the top of the dune. The sniper backed off the top and waited for the firing to go away. Meanwhile, Majors readied his Grenade Launcher and focused it where the sniper had been. When Johnson finished his burst we saw the sniper make his way back to his old position. Majors squeezed the trigger and the grenade soared right on top of the unsuspecting sniper. Blood gushed from the hill as the impact ripped away the flesh and limbs of the poor victim.

     We continued our march toward the pick-up zone with two wounded soldiers, and I still couldn't believe I was one of them. The walk was painful, but I managed to proceed. I was glad that Calhoun was wearing his body armor or he would have been a gonner. There was a small dent in the armor where the bullet had struck. We didn't talk much the rest of the way there. I guess we were all scared of what had happened. Johnoson, who never stops talking, was silent for once.

     Everyone heaved a sigh of relief as we grouped up with Alpha company. We knew we would get about a days rest before we were to infiltrate the village. Nathans said my leg was barely hit and would be fully healed within a week. The bullet only skimmed the side of my leg, which was very lucky. I was quickly regaining feeling in it and walking became much easier. Although, we all knew that the next day would be an intense experience for us all. The choppers would arrive at 0100 to take us to the village and there we would meet up with our most elite special forces.....The Night Walkers

To be continued, please comment, etc. Thanks

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