The Great War - Part 4 "Village Raid"

----- 0100 hours -----

     The time had finally arrived to get on the choppers. Two squads would be sent on four choppers and arrive just outside of the village. Once we landed we were to rendevous with The Night Walkers and infiltrate the village. Our target was Alzar Morit, a high ranking Rebel official. We would set up a perimeter around Alzar's house while The Night Walkers silently creep inside and eliminate him. From there we would watch the roads for any resistence while The Night Walkers were evacuated.

     We boarded the choppers and began our journey to the village. We were completely shrouded in darkness and it was impossible to see anything on the ground. The pilots of the choppers were equipped with special headgear that let them see in the night. I was completely paranoid whether or not the enemy knew we were coming. I was afraid that an RPG would strike the chopper and end my life right here. When we finally touched down, the paranoia disappeared and we made our way towards The Night Stalkers.

     The gear they wore was very different and sleek. They were wearing all black suits that made them undetectable to infrared and I quickly became jealous. They also had a modified version of the M77 that was slightly shorter and a silencer at the end. They also carried a silenced pistol and a very sharp knife around their waists. After a brief introduction we proceeded towards the village under a canopy of darkness.

     We were all told to keep a slight distance between each of us and to stay low. We followed along the side of a small road for a couple hundred yards when we came to Alzar's house. It was a three story house with two guards posted on the roof. I saw two of The Night Stalkers aim their rifles at the guards. Both bullets struck their targets and the guards fell helplessly to the ground. We then started to form a tight perimeter around the house.

     Johnson and I watched a dark road for any movement while the rest of the squad scanned the rest of the village. Once our perimeter was complete The Night Stalkers quietly slipped into the house. After two minutes there came a loud scream immediately followed by three shots. Everyone knew that the person screaming was Alzar.

     Just as the last Night Walker stepped out of the house, an alarm went off. The sound blared throughout the whole village. The night sky lit up with dozens of muzzle blasts and Rebels came pouring out of buildings and into the streets. Johnson opened fire on a nearby house and silenced the gunner inside. I raised my rifle up and blasted a Rebel that was aiming at Johnson's position. I could hear Majors' grenade launcher firing into the buildings along with heavy M77 fire. Each of us knew that we had to get out of there fast and make it back to the extraction point. We started to move towards the edge of the village when a small group of Rebels opened up from our flank. I could hear their AK-47s homing in on us. We ducked behind a wall and tried to assess the situation. That is, until we noticed Howard. He was lying on the ground with a pool of blood around him. He had been shot in the neck and blood was squirting all over the place. I turned away as he started to cough up heaps of blood. Nathans rushed to his side, but by the time he arrived, Howard was already dead.

     I saw Powers, his face was twisted in anger. I even noticed several tears running down the side of his cheek. We all stared in awe as Powers rushed to his feet and charged the group of Rebels. He was screaming and howling like a mad man while firing his weapon on the enemy. When he ran out of ammo, he dropped his M77 and reached for his pistol. We watched as he killed the whole group within moments. Blood was pouring from their uniforms where Powers' bullets had connected. I even noticed a young Rebel with only half of his head. His brains were strewn on the pavement and on his comrades' bodies. One of his eyes even dangled out from the socket and his nose was just a bloody glob. After regaining our senses, we quickly moved out of the village and near the extraction point. Johnson and I carried Howard's body to the chopper and everyone piled in. That night, we all lost a brother at the hands of the enemy. The sight of Howard's body made me start to cry, I couldn't believe that one of my "brothers" had been killed. When we arrived back at our base, Howard's body was airlifted home.

     We would get another full days rest before the next mission. I wonder what we'll have to do next....

I hope you all enjoyed this part. I decided to make it a slightly longer and give you more bang for your buck. Please tell me if you would like me to continue making longer parts or if you liked the shorter ones. I might take a slight break from these stories but I'm undecided right now. Please check up every once in a while for a new installment and I hope you enjoy my future parts. Thanks

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