The greatest heist in American History

It has recently been determined the amount of money that the Federal Government gave to the banks. That number is 7.7 trillion dollars. It is important to keep in mind that this money was given to them at such a ridiculously low interest rate that it was given to them and not lent.

With some quick math we can determine the amount of money this would have equiv elated  to for every man, women and child in the United States. That number is just under $45,000.00. Considering that roughly only 1/3 of the the people in the United States have any form of liability on their income taxes this would have equiv elated to just under $75,000.00 to each tax paying citizen.

The reasoning behind these bailouts to the banks and other organizations was to ensure the financial security of the American people. I ask each and every one of you if you or your family or the country as a whole is in a better financial situation than it was before these bailouts.

Here is the kicker to what the banks did with the money. They were lent the money from the government at .01% and than they turned around and invested the majority of it back into the treasury at a return of 3%. 

With just a few paragraphs and some quick math we can determine that the American people have been robbed blind by the very politicians we elected to protect our rights and freedoms. It is important to note that all of the money they printed and gave in the bailouts has absolutely no value. The only way that they could create value out of this money is by doing exactly what they did. They have our properties, resources, taxes, and citizens as the backing to this money.

It is not as if the politicians had some secret stash hidden away. They used our countries resources and goods. Therefore taking the money right our of the pockets for each generation in the foreseeable future.  

We as people of the modern world have access to information like never before. We can communicate with each other across the globe instantaneously. We have sources of information that no generation before us has had yet the majority of us are still tied to the same news givers that we had over a hundred years ago. If you want to keep living in ignorance and bury your heads in the sand than keep being a good little Republican or a good little Democrat and listen to the talking heads on Fox News or CNN every night.  It seems that many of you are not ready to wake up to the fact that both conservative and liberal news medias are working towards a common goal

You can sit there and argue your viewpoints about meaningless issues that are fabricated to you by your news channel. Or you can take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Once you do cut all the bullshit and see what is actually happening right in front of us you will be aware of the dire times we are in.

Our daily news consumption is so filled with meaningless and totally unfounded nonsense to keep us preoccupied that the majority of Americans have no idea of the actual pressing events that are taking place.  A perfect example of this the occupy wall street movement. While the majority of issues the occupiers bring up are valid to many Americans spanning both liberal and conservative mindsets. The media has effectively driven a huge wedge between the occupiers and the average American.

The main problem that the occupiers have is that they are going after the wrong people. They shouldn't be going after the people who cashed the check. They should be going after the people who wrote the check. If you were to go after all the people who obtained financial assistance from the government than you would have to go after almost half the country. I say that it is time to go after the real culprits. The government is the ones who sold us out and the politicians are the ones who are now set for life because of their treasonous acts. The politicians are aloud to engage in insider trading while crafting laws and regulations to hinder the rest of us. The politicians are the ones who will sit on some advisory committing after leaving office and make millions of dollars for the laws they enacted while in office.

It is time for us to put aside our petty differences and do away with the wedges created by our media. We need to stand together and rid our country of these career politicians that are only there to secure their own financial security. They only reason they are able to do this to us is because we are divided. From this point on I ask you to proceed with an open mind and look for what is best for the country as whole, not just for yourself.

NOTE:  I intentionally left out any names of politicians as this is better served as ambiguous blog looking at the overall state of the nation. There are many facts that can be easily obtained  and will drive these points home. When you discover something for yourself it sets in, rather than just being another bunch of words you read somewhere.
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