The Greatest Minds for Atheism.

What would you sacrifice for greater knowledge and understanding? If you as an individual could somehow by leaps and bounds gain an understanding of how the universe came to be or how humans and current animals now exist came into being, what would you be willing to chance, sacrifice or do to attain or prove that knowledge?

At the risk of being anticlimactic, I'll use Einstein as an example. Did he fully understand  risk to human life with his contribution in developing the A-bomb? Did he not care for the potential loss of lives in order to prove a scientific fact? He certainly was aware of the potential risk and I think, probably was concerned that less scrupulous societies would develop it, with or without him. 

Einstein was absolutely aware of the potential radioactive damage that would occur during the Manhattan project. Did he try to stop it or was the experiment more important than human life? When it was obvious that the Japanese were in the midst of surrendering, was the temptation to scientifically examine the outcome of the A-bomb a worthwhile experiment? Is the world now a safer place due to this giant experiment or perhaps more enlightened knowing we can totally destroy ourselves and the planet? 

Darwin was an exceptionally intelligent and fortunate man, but I can assure you that if he lived today he would be among the most hated individuals on the planet and anything he had to contribute would be quickly refuted. Darwin's first career choice was medicine, but he was deftly afraid of blood. His second choice was that of a clergy man, but after his experiences he gave it up. 

Darwin viewed woman as the lesser sex, equating them with a good dog, but in his time and social circles that was more or less consensual. In today's society, I do not care what scientific breakthrough you come up with, but if one held attitudes like that today, you would be relegated  to the back of the bus.
Another less known fact about Darwin is that he had a rather odd obsession eating different types of animals. Personally, I'm OK with that, with some exceptions, dogs, cats and rodents, but Charles ate everything including a Puma, lions, leopards, domestic pets, lizards, snakes. There are some questionable records where he ate human flesh, but that is refutable. Did he dine for the advancement of science or did he have some sort of weird gastronomic curiosity?  

You can base your belief system on a guy who would develop a weapon that could destroy the entire planet and another that would eat your pet iguana on dainty crackers while discussing the superiority of males over females as matter of fact or you can stand back and realize, shit has took a wrong turn. 

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