The Greatest Show On Earth.............P.T.Barnum Would Be Proud

I was watching Obama at his town hall meeting.I said it once and I'll say it again,he is one of the best politicians to come down the pike.If you are the type of person that wears your heart on your sleeve,then you will except whatever he says to you,without even asking how.To be honest, I truly believe and want everyone to be covered by health insurance,I really do feel bad for the ones that need insurance and don't have it.I heard Obama say that he didn't want the government controlling peoples health care,but he didn't want the insurance companies to do it either,but they already are.So it's going to be better if it's the govt. controlling it ,please.This man wants the people who are working hard to pay for what they have,to also pick up the tab for those that aren't working.The system is flawed I agree,so because 45% of the people are miserable let us make the other 55% suffer too,and to Bo if you indeed got fucked up after working your ass off for years and paying into the system then it is the time for the younger generation to work and pay into the system so you can be taken care of.That's the way it's suppose to work,but the word work is the operative word here,if you can't get people to work because they are getting it without working for it,then what.Bo it's falling a part now,what the hell is going to happen when the people start getting their whole life paid for by the Govt..Then your money is going to dry up,because no-one is paying in.It is simply not possible do do this.Look around you,seriously,open your eyes and get your heart off your sleeve,WE THE PEOPLE (being 55%) are now giving the other 45%a roof over their head,food to eat,money off a car they can't afford, and if they go into a emergency room they get taken care of,so they do have a little health care but that's not good enough they want the same coverage that you have,you know the coverage that you work your ass off for,because you want to take care of your family.Is it fair HELL no it isn't,but that's life.If we could afford it, then I might say yes,but we truly can't.We just can't.TUFF LOVE BABY! JUST SAY NO.

Uploaded 08/15/2009
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