The History Of Comb

Ohayou, guys! I bet most of you use it every day but almost none know the story behind it. The comb is said to be invented somewhere in Persia, over 6000 years ago. In fact, the oldest combs found in fossils date somewhere between 5000 and 6000 years ago, so it's proven scientifically.

The origin of the comb is described in an old Persian myth about princess Derka, who is believed to be the inventor of the magnificent tool. During those times (6000 years ago) people didn't brush their hair. They didn't wash them either. What they did was they glued strings of hair together using dung and formed a type of locks. Most black people preferred afros, though. The hairdo prevailed and you can sometimes see black people and pot heads have this kind of locks on their heads - it's because they don't like to spend money on hair dressers and shampoo. They are often called "horse shit locks" or "dread locks" nowadays. If you ever been to the countryside and saw how a horsie's doo doo looks like you know why they are called that. If you know the user Dread08, you probably also get the reference.

But regardless, the princess Derka loved horses. She had her favorite prized horse Harka, a tremendous beast, fast, strong, durable and with a dong as big as an elephant's. The horse was known in all of the kingdom and the princess was so proud of him, she didn't allow any servant near him. She took care of the horsie herself - she fed him, tended his boo boos and scratched the dried up chips of kaka out of his butt hole. She even bought him silks and dressed him in them. The horses mane was long and kept going in knots. The princess got an idea. She took a fishbone and used it to straighten the horse's hair. It looked magnificent.

Later that day, the princess looked at her horse with approval and thought "shit, I could do that to my hair too." And she did. The end

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