The Human Behavior Survey

There are lots of little things that we do every day that we don't notice that we're doing. You might be surprised by some of the answers other people leave. If you have any other questions to add to this list, feel free to comment.


1) Do you arrange your bills in your wallet in ascending order (lowest bills first), descending order (highest bills first), or no order at all?

2) What would you call a Sprite? Soda, Pop, or Coke?

3) What do you put on top of your ice cream? Sprinkles, jimmies, or shots?

4) Does your toilet paper roll from over the top or from underneath?

5) Do you masturbate with your dominant hand?

6) Does seeing another person yawn, or does talking about yawning, or reading about yawning, or even seeing the word "yawn" make you yawn?

7) Did you yawn after reading that last question?

8) Does looking at the sun make you sneeze?

9) Which do you do: clip, bite, or peel your nails?

10) After you're done clipping/biting/peeling your nails, do you play with them afterwards?

11) When you put your pants on, do you button up and then zip? Or do you zip and then button?

12) After you wipe, do you look at the toilet paper?

13) Do you have any DVDs or video games that you haven't even opened yet?

14a) MEN - If rape were suddenly legalized, would you do it?

14b: WOMEN - If murdering a man for rape was legalized, would you do it?

15a: MEN - Do your privates hang to the right or to the left of your zipper?

15b: WOMEN - Which would you sacrifice for a week: Bra or panties?

16) When you tip on a credit or debit card, do you give the waiter/waitress an even tip or do you give yourself an even total?


17) Do you wipe down the toilet seat in a public bathroom, even if it looks clean? (from Jewbacca)

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