The ignorance and stupidity of wallboy's ways.

I couldn't care less about ratings ore-rep points or your opinion of me forthat fucking matter. I say what I want,when I want around here or anywhereelse. I have some very good friendsaround here really. I like your AviBECAUSE a pitbull is a st00pid uselessdog. Fits you just right! Now, do youstill want to help out or would you likea slice of pie? I stole a whole pizzafrom Lard Infamous.




     ^ This comment was written by wallboy, I just wanted to show you the complete ignorance and stupidity of his ways.

   1. Did you honestly type in st00pid, from what I know you ARE a middle aged man. my conclusion is that it is quite obvious that you being middle aged and spelling in such a way is because you are currently in a middle aged crisis therefore you are trying to get a little spice out of your life because you cant have sex for your dick is becoming useless for it is so old and tired.


2. You called a pitbull a stupid and useless dog, you know what else is stupid and useless? Your penis. How can you discriminate against a poor breed of dog, this is no better than discriminating against a race of people.






Uploaded 10/02/2009
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