The IRS are a bunch of assholes!

Rowena Lugtu-Shaddox FOX40 News

March 13, 2010

rating_off.jpgrating_off.jpgrating_off.jpgrating_off.jpgrating_off.jpg SACRAMENTO An unexpected visit from the IRS?

That's exactly what happened last Wednesday at Harv's Metro Carwash in Midtown.

"I come to work, and my manager says, you're not going to believe this. A couple of IRS agents just came in here demanding payment for back taxes,"said carwash owner Aaron Zeff.

And even more incredible - the amount.

"I looked at the letter and I couldn't believe what I saw. The number was astonishing. Four cents," Zeff said.

Coupled with late fees and penalties - coming to a total of $202.35.

"If we knew anything about it, if we received any correspondence we would've immediately addressed it," Zeff's attorney, Ashley West said.

They only learned about the delinquent debt this week, West added.

A former IRS investigator told Fox 40 that they send out notices for payment for one year, before any revenue officers are sent out to collect.

And whether it's a half-million dollar debt, or a mere nickel, the investigator said... failure to pay, is a failure to pay.

"They always pay their taxes, they've never had any issues like this come up," West added.

Zeff confirmed they did receive notice from the IRS...

"I have a letter from the IRS just from October of (last) year, stating that my returns have been filed and my tax balance is zero," Zeff said.

Car wash companies are regulated by the state, insuring that taxes are current and filed each year, he said.

As word of the missed payment spread...

"Oh it's been hilarious. People have been coming, like, would you like four cents? Help you out with your little bills...," cashier Ana Makhely said.

In jest, Zeff says that the agents had another motive...

"The good men and women of the IRS said, let's go down to Harv's car wash and get our car washed," Zeff said.

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