The Joys of Christmas, or Oppisite Side

Christmas Time is here! But has anyone ever taken a look at the negative side of the holidays? I sure have, here are some of the magical joys that almost every family in America that celebrate Christmas go through.

1st the Holiday Rush: Everyone and their mother are out driving around looking for deals causing traffic at every turn and flooding almost every single store that markets 15% off. This in turn creates madness and chaos amongst people making them fight to get presents for their loved ones and the Christmas spirit of peace and Joy disappears! Christmas shop early during the thanksgiving sale and you will avoid this all together and not deal with all the idiots that are out there.

2nd The one day of year for giving and showing peace tords your fellow man. That right there friends is a load of crap. Why one day a year? Seriously. Why not every day? Reason being because people in this world are greedy and selfish and one day a year is what they can afford.

3rd Christmas presents: Whats the point in buying a Christmas present for someone when you know damb well their just going to return it to the store a couple of days later and exchange it. Do your selfs a favor and stick to gift cards all around! Screw the meaning of gifts because in reality the meaning means dick.

4th Family Get  togethers:  Ah yes. A time when the family gets together and spreads love and joy to each other over a nice Christmas Dinner. Well fact is, that is rare.Truth be told theres always one asshole in the family whose sole purpose in life is to cause drama. And in the end cause the family to argue and take sides. Example: Drama Queen brings up the one conversation that causes wars, hate, destruction, and greed. You guessed itPolitics and Religion! What a great way to have Christmas Dinner and Arguing over crap that doesnt apply to your way of living. Just do what I do and kick the fucker out the house! Screw being nice and saving face. In the long run things will go back to being normal!

5th Last but not least Financial Hardships during the Holiday: We all know that that the country is in an economic crisis, but seriously people you think maxing out your Credit cards buying gifts will help the matter with your debt? And quit blaming your bad spending habits on Pres Bush. Its your fault for swiping the credit card everywhere you go. Save your money and carry cash. If youre in debt to your eyeballs take a look at your belonging around you. Chances are you bought too much expensive stuff and financed it. Save your money and make a Christmas jar. It worked for me and when the time to spend came up I had 322$ saved change and Dollar bills.

Christmas time is a time of joy and peace, and for that reason I will be good and drunk off Wild Turkey Christmas day to put up with the entire BS associated with it. So Ebaumsworld I wish you all a merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Uploaded 12/21/2008
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