The original AWFULJACKASS repost

she had left me and i was torn apart. my insides felt as though they had been put into a blender then poured back into my emotinally exhaused body. this was the worst pain i had ever felt. i can still remember her kiss, that beautiful embrace lingering on my lips. her sensual, pouty lips hovering over mine, slightly parted. her sweet breath flowing down apon me with every exhale was like the gift of life to me.our mouths comming together in a sweet dance. her tounge gliding over my lips into my mouth, mine into hers, a lovers duel silently fought. when she would pull away, i could see color brought back to her pale soft skin. like i had given a part of my life essence to her to feed on, if only for a short time. this was before she left me, when we were happy. this was now my last time to see her, my final kiss goodby. as i bent down to her, i noticed her sallow face and the obscene ammount of make up that she was wearing. her lips were dry, uninviting. tears streamed down my face falling from my cheeks onto her beautiful but sad face. this kiss would be our last, but she wouldnt know it. i gently kissed her cheek, lips, then forehead. " I will miss you, my love." is all that would creep from me. as the casket was closed and my wife lowered into the ground, i not only wept for her, i wept for myself.

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