The last 10 facts you didnt know about Obama.

By Great Demand And many requests, and even more people asking for the  last 10 facts about Obama you didnt know.  I have decided to finish the list and continue my research into the dark evil past.  Or it may have been average. I am not sure my research is too in depth. Far so muchly in depth i needed a permit. well anyways no more waiting Here is da miety list of der futeer!!! Eeet Sgettiossss!

10. For every april fools day Obama would hide his children in a shed and tell his wife He lost them. Later when she figured out the trick, He would actualy loose them.

9.Obamas grandmother was a  nice women. Maybe too nice. Some say if you hold your ear to a voting booth at night you can hear her offering you cookies!!!Spooky

8.President Obama often wondered what to name his daughte while the baby was still in womb. Some of the names  that didnt make it included "quiltisha" "Jim" "MinyObama" and "senoir NotaBoy".

7.When obama Played baseball with the yankes peewee squad they called him"The hoppin gimp"  In reference to a limp he had after a fight with a rabid homeless man.

6. Obamas favorite song is "Rain Dogs"by  the talented artist Tom Waits. Tom waits said about obama in an interview when that fact was reveild "Get off of my porch or I will get the shovel!"

5.Obama is Highly Supersticious. I have never once saw him with the lucky rabbits foot and asian pinkytoe That he took on vacation

4.As a child obama loved to read . For a short while he forgot how. recently he has relearned to read. but has infact been stricked with the same lissdexia i have.

3.Obama actualy loves animals despite never having kept a living animal . he has taken in more road kill cadavers then a chinese resteraunt. assuming the resteraunt did taxidermy

2.Obama can talk to the dolphins. research shows he can talk to them but they dont return his calls.

1. Obama despite great odds ( 1 old senile white guy) managed to out campaign ( against an old senile white guy) and win the title of President  of the united states.But did you  When obama heard who he was running agains ( Almost dead probaly gonna die before he is president) .Obama got out his pimp cane. Up until this point obama tried not to use his pimp cane. as it would smudge.

That was the 21 Things you didnt know about obama. I know You will get on here and spill out your love and respect for my blog. But dont its not ebaums tradition. I insist you leave rude ( but funny) comments. stuff like why did i read this. that is dum. Those two are golden i love reading those. But realy you read this far so you can post a nasty comment.  i know why i write these but wtf are you reading it for?

If you comented on the last one and you didnt like it you are stupid for reading this.Realy lol how stupid are you. Do you feel others are gonna read your comment and feel a sence of brother hood writing the same old crap? Be origional make the insults yours. Own it!!  i post stupid shit for interesting comments but all i get are these half wit teen agers who take a philosophy class and think they know something.You dont.i didnt force a single person to read this. But you did. i win

I hate spell check . especialy when bloging. Yes i should care if i use grammer on ebaums world.. lol


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