The Lease

       Women are attracted to money, men are attracted to beauty. As a woman gets older her beauty fades, as a man gets older he increases his ability to earn money. This results in a man leaving a bag of cash at the courthouse with his now ex-wife as he dances out door with a younger woman. The new woman is what the old woman once was, she's beautiful, she's naive, she thinks to herself  "this will never happen to me because he loves me." Listen Princess, he loved her too. He's over her now and he's moved on to you. That car that he used to pick you up, it's leased, and just like that lease has an expiry date, so do you. Sure it's not set in stone like the papers he signed for the car, but it's going to happen. Somewhere out there someone is building a faster more stylish model of what he's driving now, he's getting one. Somewhere out there a college is building women who are better looking and more naive then you, he's getting one.

     He wasn't always like this. His first car was important to him. He had plans to keep that one forever. Then he went to college. He got to see what some of his friends were driving. He started thinking that if he had a little more money he could afford to upgrade to something better. He scrounged up a some cash and left college with a car he was proud of. This car was good to him, it got him from here to there, it was a practical, affordable automobile. One week he was sent out of town on a business trip. In his travels he got ahold of a sporty little rental car and he liked it. The money was still tight but with some careful planning a second car would be his. Having two cars cost more then he had expected, double the insurance, double the maintenance, and with his busy schedule he didn't have enough time to take care of both of them. Then came the big promotion. Now he was making some real money. It was time to get rid of those two cars he already had, and go with one high end luxury automobile, his dream car. He was wowed as he walked through the showroom, but his years had made him wise. As much as he liked what he saw on the floor he knew something better would be available in a couple years. That's when he decided to sign the papers to lease his new ride.

     Some people say the lease is a bad idea, it's expensive. I say if you can afford the lease, go with the lease. Sure you might not have that old car when it's all over, but did you really want it?  Maybe you will miss it, you had some good times with it. Don't fool yourself. As you're driving off the showroom floor with the new model the only time your mind will slip back to that old jalopy will be to wonder why you didn't get rid of it sooner.
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