The Legend, The King, x22TiZZle

The tale of x22TiZZle is a tale for the ages. An advocate for ebaumsworld since his early days, tizzle was here when it all had started. When ebaumsworld was just another humorous video website, when they went through the drama of how ebaum just stole all the videos, and before there was a blog section. Hell, he was on ebaumsworld before he was, x22tizzle.

Then came the blog section. With a few early postings about random shit and his cult classic, "The Funniest Story Ever Told", x22tizzle showed what looked like a promising career in the blogging section. After a couple successful blogs however, x22tizzle dissapeared. Kind of like Jesus from the ages 13 to 33. He was gone. Few wondered where such talent had gone to while others forgot. And eventually, they all forgot.

But then, he returned to the limelight. Once again starting where he left off, tizzle began blogging about some random shit when two users lit a flame under x22tizzle. Their names, Wallboy (Currently Deceased) and Platypus ( Currently stunt doubles for casper).x22tizzle decided he would launch, "The Wallboy Chronicles" which would develop a huge following. It was beginning to seem where ever x22tizzle had gone, drama would follow. Never one to back down, he went after anyone who had something to say, and spared none.

After a theory circulated the x22tizzle actually had two accounts, a legend himself, Pepperpeanut, decided he would take a swing at x22tizzle. But Pepperpeanut found himself in a battle he would not win. After numerous blogs insulting Pepperpeanut where some were actually deleted, Pepperpeanut threw up his white flags. He cowardly backed away, allowing x22tizzle to feel unstoppable. And he was.

A dark haired, emo, fag of a man named Mariano attempted to test tizzle but he would come up shorter then anyone of tizzles former opponents. Never a fan of gays, tizzle would rip into marianos blogs and/or comments just putting Mariano down. Mariano, whom is currently in hiding had yet to respond to tizzle. Yet, x22tizzle continues to make it quite clear and i quote "Go fuck yourself Mariano you fuckfaced fatherless bastard child"

Then came a boy named Red. Last name, Note. Tizzle who was the most powerful man in the blog section made it clear to Red Note quickly, not to fuck with him. Tizzle actually first saw Red as an ally. Little did he know, Red was a piece of shit cocky cunthead who thought he was tough. Red was shutdown quickly in one blog, putting up a shittier fight then wallboy. Tizzle reigned supreme.

When tizzle made an attempt to change his ways and try to revolutionize the blogging section, his following was not  as he expected. Going to current lesbian bitch, Platypuss, for some reasoning, she was less then helpful. Tizzle should have known that going to a ego obsessed pale bitch that she would be useless. Tizzles attempt at leading the revolution had failed.

With failure, one usually finds himself reflecting on the past, present, and future. The past, tizzle was depicted as an animal, a man with one thing on his mind, to kill those who tested him. The present, after trying to leave his old ways and lead what could have been the future of the blog section, the present tizzle is, a failure. But then comes the future, where x22tizzle claims he will retire from his past life of hate blogs. Saying he will hang the cleats up and begin coaching. By coaching, he means trying to create a movement here on the ebaums blog section where all are welcomed to join.

"Your current leaders have led you to a shit blog section. It is now time for a new movement, The x22TiZZle Movement.

Uploaded 06/08/2009
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