The Liberal Media

The damned Liberal media is at it again!  Watch this video.

First of all, they're talking about scientists finding new species.  Everyone knows that God created the earth in six days and rested on the seventh.  There can't be any new species because anything that was ever created was created by God in those six days.  God is unchanging and would never change the species that are on the earth.  Stupid liberal scientists!

Another thing is their boo hooing about people trying to make a living by selling rare coral and "endangered" turtles.  Those damn liberals and their laws restricting the free market economy!  Those people should be able to sell whatever they want.  If they become extinct, it's just survival of the fittest.

They sit there and whine and try to blame some of the problem on deforestation, illegal mining, and motor boats, too.  They just hate profit.  Who cares if the Earth can no longer support life and there's nothing to eat?  Their number one concern should be profit!  What's a little pollution and a few dead fish and reefs anyway?  Trees?  Who needs 'em?  They just get in the way of building office buildings and condos.  These godless Filipinos should take a lesson from good ol' corporate America and learn what's important!

Uploaded 06/10/2011
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