The List Goes On...

A little while ago I posted a popular gallery highlighting the wackiest, most stupid commentary from my Atheism and Religion galleries, along with some of the smart responses by users which followed.

Although a lot has been stated in black and white regarding why religious kooks should stop fighting a losing battle, bloodreviara got it right when he said "you just can't fix stupid". Over and over again, the same freaks return with their messages from God and the same redundant questions and accusations, as though they seriously believe they're correct about anything - let alone are able to change it.

I've posted galleries and blogs regarding fallacious arguments and the importance of having facts before making unfounded assumptions, for those who can't refrain from ill-logic when they see someone who dares to believe something they don't. But of course, if you want to return to a non-religious gallery non-stop in order to try to convince people you're so special as to have all the answers, logic isn't your thing to begin with.

So as a special treat, I've decided to make an example of typical religious stupidity and list some of the more frequently-mouthed reasons they have to convince themselves someone on a nutshot website makes galleries they don't like.

Please note that I've already stated, in some cases numerous times out of the kindness of my heart, that these reek of ass, since that's where they're all pulled from. In many cases I don't even recognize who comes up with this stuff or why they follow me around the site.

These are nothing more than the faithful's naive guesswork as to what the enigma that is rin could mean. Without a doubt, this is how they begin conversations with anyone that doesn't pray or read the Bible. But either way, having hit a brick wall their almighty faith can't penetrate, these are the hasty and desperate conclusions that allow them to sleep at night, safe in the assertion that they're right and non-religious are less than human.

Will it affect mine, or anyone else's desire to continue posting? In the meantime, read and enjoy the massive list of batshit insane, retarded conjecture used on my galleries alone - and remember, to your chagrin, these people actually live and breathe.


You're an Atheist.
You're a Satanist.
You're trolling.
You're pushing an agenda.
You don't know anything about (fill in subject I've studied).
You're just saying what (fill in author, politician) says.
You just want e-bones.
You're just a very angry person.
You're going to hell.
You've never read (fill in books I've read).
Atheists are really (choose one: Satanists, Scientologists, Pantheists, etc.).
You don't accept other people's views.
You just don't get religion.
You just post (fill in relevant material), which has nothing to do with religion.
You're going through a lot of hardships.
You're not a feeling human being.
You're trying to support (fill in politician).
You're dumb for thinking (fill in facts) are true.
You hate mom and dad.
You're the reason things are bad in other countries.
You're the problem with America.
I'm 'sorry' you feel so (fill in anything else on this list).
I feel 'sorry' for you because (fill in anything else on this list).
You just hate religious people.
You're trying to be like (fill in ebaum loser's name).
You're just trying to be smart.
You've never studied (fill in what they haven't studied).
You're more religious than anyone.
You're proving my (nonexistent) point by posting/commenting.
You're trying to show off.
You're just spreading lies about (fill in facts).
You need to be saved.
You just don't have a job.
Your soul is very lost.
Memes and cartoons (about religion) prove no logic to your posts.
You're trying to be a media whore.
All you people are the same.
I can tell by (random guess on lifestyle) you're (fill in anything else on list).
Politics have nothing to do with religious people.
You didn't take (fill in class I've taken) in college.
You do this cuz you take (fill in designer drug name).
You're just (pick from ages 10-19).
You're trying to start an argument.
You're like (choose one: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, bin Laden).
You're most likely a (choose practitioner of religion that isn't theirs).
You're dragging on a debate on purpose.
You're a bad person.
You started the trouble.
I'm not dumb for coming back, you're dumb for posting more.
You're just trying to spread hate.
You think you're better than everybody.
You're just bullying (fill in repeat fail-troller on my submissions).
You don't deserve to live.
You want a religious war.
You just don't want to accept Christ.
You're mad I sent you a (dozens of) pm's.
You think you know everything.
You're on some kind of drugs.
I hope your (fill in family member) dies by (fill in death method).
You just hate God.
You're a messenger of the Devil.
Someone should probably kill you.
If you're Atheist, you're Satanic.
You practice witchcraft.
You're an example of evil in the world.
I "know" you so I can say this.


As I've stated, "fighting a losing battle". This is cool, though, cuz it's great fodder for future galleries and blogs. The more stupid people are, the more fun it makes my hobby. I'll leave it as a lesson to these people to check out my Creationist Fallacies galleries before pulling one of these from the hat of ignorance again. Have one of my many supporters ever received anything not on the list? I'd love to hear about it.
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