The Lost One chapter 1, part 1


(This is chapter 1, part 1 of my novel called The Lost One. Any and all input is welcome and I encourage it to help me become a better writer. I know I'm not the best writer in the world but it was an idea and I'm interested in it. Hopefully it is well liked and I'll post more. Thanks.)




Chapter 1.


“Doctor Jenkins to the maternity ward; Doctor Jenkins to the maternity ward.”

Jenkins took her eyes off of the loud speaker and rested her eyes once more on the man in front of her.

Michail smiled, I will keep watch.

Jenkins turned and began walking down the long hallway. The maternity ward was located on the third floor in the East Wing, just before the newly constructed Heart Center building. The building faced route 16, Broad Street, right off Interstate 270. The East Wing was part of the original blueprint for the hospital and showed the fifteen years of wear, regardless of the endless coats of white paint that still did not fully cover the chipping near the ceiling. New carpet had been installed recently, replacing the old blue carpet with a lively green and gray pattern. A large corkboard hung on the wall, just behind the receptionist, covered in a proud collage of newborns. After birth, many doctors thumb-tacked pictures of themselves and the baby onto the board out of success and pride.

The young receptionist looked up from her desk as Jenkins approached. Her acrylic nails stopped typing on the keyboard long enough for her to say, “Room 6, doctor.”

“Thanks, Jennifer,” Jenkins smiled at the woman and continued through the hallway to Room 6. She took a deep breath, pulled the handle down and entered the room.

Mrs. Davids sat on the bed, obviously in labor. Her brown hair was damp from the sweat and was slightly matted to her head. Mr. Davids, her husband, stood next to her, gripping her hand tightly. When she entered, they both looked up at her. A nurse stood to the side, performing blood pressure tests on the woman.

“Hello Mr. And Mrs. Davids,” Jenkins picked up the clipboard from the counter and lifted a couple pages, checking on her status. “Any complications since I last saw you, Nancy?”

“No,” she breathed heavily.

Jenkins stepped up to the counter and reached into a box of latex gloves. “I’m going to check your cervix to see how far you are along,” she walked over to the woman and slipped on the glove. “You may feel slight discomfort.” She lifted Nancy’s hospital gown up slightly and inspected her dilation.

Jenkins looked at the nurse, “Nine centimeters dilated.” She turned her attention back to the woman, “All right, stay calm and remember your breathing.”

“I’ll try,” the husband grinned at Jenkins who scowled, not humored.

Nancy gritted her teeth, and cried out, pained by another contraction.

“Her contractions are about three minutes apart,” the nurse replied, holding the door open for another nurse to enter.

Jenkins nodded, “Nancy, my dear, it is time to push.”




The cribs in the nursery were lined up in rows, creating a rainbow of pink and blue blankets. Colorful bears with balloons danced on the wallpaper under the bright lights. Jenkins stood by the window, looking in at the children.

Which one is he?” Michail stepped to her side.

“Middle row, second from the left.”

He looked through the window.

“They named him Joshua,” Jenkins smiled. She took a picture out of her pocket and showed it to him. Michail looked down at the photograph where Jenkins held the newborn in her arms.

“He is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” she smiled. “It’s hard to imagine that nine months have already passed.”

He laughed, “No worries, your work is almost finished.

Jenkins lowered the picture and looked up at him.

“Don’t be so disheartened. You did your part. Time to let us do ours,” he placed his hand onto her shoulder as if to comfort her. A surge of warmth stretched from her shoulder throughout her entire body. Michail smiled at her then turned and walked away.

She walked out to the reception area. The receptionist looked up from her desk for a moment and then went back to typing. Jenkins looked at the corkboard pictures then at her own. She smiled. Joshua didn't belong on the board with the other children. He was nothing like them. She quickly slipped the picture back into her pocket with the others she had taken.

As she turned, she caught a shadow out of the corner on her eye.


The receptionist looked at her.

“Did you see anyone walk by here?”

She shook her head. “No ma'am.”

Jenkins glanced past the reception area. There was a loud thump from around the corner. Jennifer stood up.

Jenkins moved around the desk and walked towards the nursery.

“Should I call security?” Jennifer's voice drifted off as Jenkins made her way down the corridor. She paused in the hallway. Everything was silent except for the steady hum of the florescent lights. The nursery was further up, to the left, but the gleam from the window was the only thing she could see from that angle. She took one step, then another, slowly inching her way to the nursery. When she got closer, she could see that the door was slightly opened. Her heartbeat quickened.

“How would they know...?” she whispered to herself, extending her hand to the door.

Suddenly the nursery door flew open, smashing into the wall behind it. Jenkins cried out in shock, jumping away from the blow. A figure bolted from the room, hiding a small bundle in the nook of his arm. Jenkins was instantly on his heels. Nurses and hospital personnel backed up against walls, yelling angry remarks, as the man dashed through the hallway. He shoved an older doctor out of his way, sending the elderly man to the floor in a blizzard of papers. Jenkins was only a few seconds behind him by the time he left the maternity ward and entered the heart center.

“Stop that man!” Jenkins screamed to the doctors up ahead but as the man neared, the doctors stepped out of his way to keep from getting injured. The kidnapper headed for the emergency exit at the end of the hallway. He took the opportunity and smashed into the stairwell door, causing it to fly back and hit the wall with a steel thud. Jenkins threw her hands up to keep the door from hitting her on its recoil and followed him down the stairs. He rounded the second corner. Jenkins was right behind him, gaining speed. He rounded the last corner. She could almost reach him now…

The man stopped abruptly and lurched backward in pain. Jenkins grabbed ahold of the railing to stop herself but lost her footing and slid down a couple steps, scraping her back against the stone stairs. Michail stepped up the staircase, staring intently at the man until he fell to his knees. He looked at the kidnapper then at Jenkins. She took a couple deep breaths, trying to get her breathing under control and forced herself to a sitting position. Michail stepped forward and took the baby from the man’s arms.

“How did they find us? I thought he was protected,” Jenkins cringed, feeling blood run down her back.

Michail touched the man on the shoulder. Immediately he fell to his side, his eyes void of life.

We must leave to speak with Gabriel,” he stepped up to Jenkins and handed her the child.

“What happened?” she nestled the baby against her chest.

"His fate has changed."

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