The Lost One chapter 1, part 2


Michail and Jenkins walked into the Scotland Trinity Cathedral, home to Saint Gabriel. The church was over five centuries old but still held its original beauty. Oak pews stretched from the main aisle way to the far reaches of the stone church walls. Familiar stained glass faces stared at the altars below where Saint Gabriel stood; the flickering light of the candles casted a soothing glow on his white robes.

Jenkins knelt on the step just before the altar and lowered her gaze to the floor, “Saint Gabriel, master, of God, I call for your help.”

            Michail remained standing and silent, allowing Jenkins to announce herself to Gabriel. 

            In His name, my brother,” Gabriel acknowledged Michail first, and then looked down to Jenkins. “My daughter, please stand.” Jenkins rose to her feet.

            The boy has been found.” Michail stated.

            I have heard,” Gabriel’s voice echoed throughout the church. “Follow me.”

            Gabriel stepped from the altar and led the two farther into the cathedral. The pathway out of the church took them into a large atrium. Cherubs looked upon the three from a ceiling painting. Gabriel grabbed ahold of the green jasper that hung around his neck and clutched it tightly in his hand.

Raphael rebelled.” Gabriel sighed heavily, “He sold his knowledge of the child to Lucifer to acquire power in Hell.

“Why?” Jenkins watched Gabriel intently.

            Michail was the one to answer her, “Because if Lucifer can corrupt the child, then Hell would be able to change the prophecy.”

            Gabriel nodded, “And if Hell changes the prophecy, then it will overturn Heaven.”

            “Then it is too late,” Jenkins’ voice was panicked.

            No.” Gabriel let go of his necklace. “Though it's true that Hell will now be involved in the child's life, we can still interfere.”

            Michail studied Gabriel, “What did you have in mind?

Gabriel smiled and looked at Jenkins. “You will become his guardian. Watch over him and guide him. Keep him safe.

            Jenkins looked shocked and bowed her head quickly, “It would be an honor, Master Gabriel. Thank you.”

            Gabriel took a couple steps forward, put a hand on Jenkins' shoulder and looked her in the eyes. “You are dismissed.”

            Jenkins bowed her head once more and hurried out of the church.

After Jenkins had left the atrium, Michail spoke. “Her protection will not suffice. She could not stand against many.”

Gabriel nodded, “Yes, that is true, however, we will not put the child in a situation where that could happen again.”

You are suggesting that we eliminate all tracking we have on the boy.”

Not all,” Gabriel turned to Michail, “we will rely on her.”

Michail smirked, “Without us, they will not be able to track him. He will be safe.”

Gabriel grabbed onto his necklace again, “Unfortunately, I do not believe that is the case. We need to meet with the others. There is still much to discuss.”

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